Individuals React To The British Class System (USA vs. UK classism)

We have heard rumors in regards to the UK’s class system and have determined to lastly educate ourselves on this (doubtlessly controversial) matter. 🎉🎩 We discovered a TON whereas capturing this video and are shocked that we hadn’t heard extra in regards to the British class system earlier than. We’ve a lot of questions, so give us solutions for those who can and do suggest books or movies on British classism. As all the time, our purpose is to be taught!

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  2. The thing about getting an Eaton Education is that you are taught that you are superior as the no1 part of the education system . you leave believing it

  3. Oh as a comment on the deleted 2 Ronnies vid the deleter belongs to the Coontish Class , there are a lot about

  4. v big thing in the uk olds saying how hard they had it when they were younger war depression the 80s lol ect v big uk thing older person thing

  5. Also on the curtains etc point, your decision on what you like and want to buy and what you think would suit your house and look is definitely influenced subconsciously by your class. A middle class person would love shutters and think they were an absolute necessity for their windows, but a working class person would think they look pretentious and awful. Neither is thinking "I better buy/not buy this due to my class", but their preferences leading them to these decisions is definitely shaped by their class!

  6. My mum was a cleaner in Nottinghill for 40yrs and she always preferred to work with the upper class as she felt they was the comfortable in who they are, and she never liked for the upper middle class eg: Actors, Media she felt most them looked down on her and found them very false

  7. The U.S. has a class system, too. But it is based on money. On the east coast class is also based on how long your ancestors have been in this country. The longer, the better, according to these people. Also, there is a hierarchy based on ethnicity. This is why "w.a.s.p."s with ancestors who came over in the 17th and 18th century are considered the "highest class". There is an elite in this country – the highest classes – who get into the best schools, the best foms/jobs, neighborhoods etc. It is based on birth, not on merit. The whole concept is the antithesis to what we like to think about America – that if you work hard enough you can better yourself and at least be middle class, let alone upper class. This concept is true for many. But not for all. Economic opportunities, education and ethnicity play a large determining factor in which class you belong to. I think that the majority of Americans are middle class. We do have, however, a large working class and very poor people. I think the big difference between the US and many other places in the fact that out classes are more fluid. We are also more inclusionary than exclusionary. We do not have nobility or titles. That is a very deeply culturally entrenched concept of class. It is based solely on birth not merit. This is a fascinating topic and deeper than can be discussed here. As for some middle class Americans preferring to "be" working class – that's a phenomenon that developed largely in the 1960s. The idea developed in the media that being poor was cool or noble. Some middle class people were made to feel guilty for what they have by a certain intellectual elite. The idea before then was to rise in class on your merits. I think Europe is becoming more like America in many respects regarding class. But the remnants or tradition of "royalty/aristocrasy" remains a hindrance. And on your latter thoughts about marrying out of your class or ethnicity or religion, you make a good point. The lower classes seem to be less discriminatory because they have nothing to lose. The upper classes entire identity and tradition can depend on these factors as does its propagation.

  8. here are the so CALLED Classes in the UK
    1,THE UPPER CLASSES ! this is old money / ancient privileges like Dukes Knights etc all inherited not recent , generally they are FCG stupid and have weird accents the Queen being one , friendly
    2,NEW MONEY , UPPER CLASSES these are self made folk who have been successful in business own several homes / boats etc intelligent MILLIONAIRES discriminately friendly
    3, MIDDLE CLASSES .Wealthy can be snobbish have Jaguars , Mercs etc generally from higher working classes intelligent on the whole, kids private school ex Unis/ grammer schools
    4, LOWER MIDDLE CLASSES, they are on the lower rungs of the ladder , opportunistic friendly-ish , ex Unis some of them grammar /secondary educated schooling
    5 WORKING CLASSES , Salary/ wage earners , secondary educated generally , classed as intelligent/ fairly intelligent / thick !!!!

  9. You mention the comedy sketch with the Ronnies and John Cleese, but actually most British comedy is about class. You cannot understand Dad's Army, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, Rising Damp or any of it without fluency in the inflections of our class (caste?) system.

  10. Definition of commen

    :Single parent, 6 kids, (note, not children) 8 father's & a pregnant Staffie.

    Wee challenge for you both….

    … Definition of a 'Fop'??

    p.s. you're very attractive for Americans.

  11. Class is very much related to lifestyle and ideals, as well as to your job/ bank account, hence the children doing all sorts of extra-curricular stuff. So, on the deflection point, if you are comfortably middle class and your family has been so for a couple of generations now, people will perceive you differently compared to a person of an working class or upper class background. The middle classes are seen as soft and comfortable, it's almost like you lack credibility. "What would you know with your wholemeal bread and latte on the way to work etc etc." – Nonsense in my book, everyone lives their own life with their own experiences. But a lot of people feel the need to remember their working class routes as a way to prove they are still grounded. It is also a sign of respect rather than humble bragging. A lot of people from working class routes had mums and dads who had to go through a lot of hardship to raise them so they had the platform to then become middle class. If all you remember is that now you've got a good salary and a nice car, it kind of comes across wrong. Very hard to explain though!!

  12. is class in australia and usa but more to do with money yes uk is complicated as heck school went to old money new money posh counties accent i would say strong accent less class less strong accent more class yes boarding schools v middle and upper

  13. Great vid. Posh 'i think' is an acronym. Toff is short for toffee nosed.

  14. My family is definitely working class but my dad's side of the family are middle class. They have a lot of money. We don't be we survive. My mum's family have all worked hard all their lives to have what they have now and so has my dad. My sister and I both work quite low paid jobs (nursery nurse and nurse).

  15. Just got to the point of your video where you have clicked on to the class identity, it’s actually more to do with where you originated from than the job you have or money you earn. I know “working class” folk that earn over £100,000 a year. Following on from that it generally depends on which park of the UK you are from, if you’re from the town I am from, it is likely you are from a family that we’re working in the mines and if you look up the history of what the miners went through in the UK, you will understand as to why it becomes more of an identity than an occupation. Until lately this also usually dictated who you voted for as the Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher closed all the mines in my area and devastated the area economically. This is why is more an identity issues because the riots that followed made it generational, making it more a of a belief not just an occupation. Hope this gives you some understanding, even if it’s just on my area in particular.

  16. The middle classes in the UK are endlessly aspiring to 'Keep up with the Jonses!'

  17. Here's a good way to think of the class system.
    The queen owns the country. Royalty is the highest class.
    The toffs, upper middle class and old money own the land. Landed Gentry and descendants of inherited land and wealth
    The middle class lease the land, build and own all the factories/buildings/businesses etc. and are employers.
    The lower middle class AND working class are employees.
    Even multi-millionaire football club managers are employees and can be fired, coz some middle class owner isn't happy… and the club could lose it's stadium coz the lease has run out on the land and the owner want to redevelop it. Football team needs new ground… lots of middle class sponsors etc.
    Common is anyone below upper middle….. but to the Queen, we're all commoners…. and her subjects.
    And there's lower. Classless.
    Homeless. Destitute. Penniless. People you'd step over in the street.
    Everyone aspires to be Royalty. My handsome prince… my beautiful princess. It's a special name for a child. For adults. She was my Queen… you get the picture.
    Rich people put gold taps in the bathrooms of their yatchs coz they're looking for the extravagance of the crown jewels… the most prestigious watch or ring.
    Top of the pyramid looking down.
    And even when we know we won't ever reach that pinnacle, we all strive to get a little higher up the slope…. and want everyone we know when we're successful and even drop them from our lives as we achieve success.
    Derelict, slum, terraced, semi-detached, detached, council house, town house, country house, mansion, estate, castle, palace.
    Even buildings follow a class system.

  18. Jus be mindful that the programme you watched was, whilst in some ways true, is a little sarcastic in its style and used well known comedy footage to illustrate its points, and perhaps described society as it once was some 50 years ago, and class is becoming increasingly less relevant in the world today. That said, class does still exist and perhaps the further up the strata you are, the more aware of it you become – and in today's society it is less to do with money than upbringing. Just as you can't buy taste, you cant buy class -some may argue. Somewhat ironically, the extremes of the classes often have more in common with each other than those in the middle, take attitudes to betting and or swearing for example. Traditionally, the middle classes are always shown as those that are most concerned with what others think, yet if you are at the top or bottom, perhaps you have nothing to prove? There is a somewhat reverse pride in society today, with MPs being keen to show off their working class (generally northern) roots, to show they understand the common/everyday man and have got where they are without advantage – keen to knock their opponents that had the advantage of private schooling, yet hide the fact their own children are currently receiving a similar private education. Traditionally, the Labour party reflected the working man, and the Conservatives everyone else – but as politics change, so do politics and the traditional northern voter is becoming increasing aware of the London Champagne Socialists in the Labour party. It must be said, this is a very wide, complex and sensitive issue, full of stereotypes to trip over and it easy to make sweeping generally statements which don't really reflect society as much as they once did. Clearly, some do aspire to be 'better' and will look to collect the trappings associated with that 'better' perhaps middle class life style, others, aware that they have been more successful and now have a lifestyle which no longer reflects that of their own parents and childhood, are keen to point out their working class roots, either, as you say, a way of saying look how far I have come on my own, or to try and excuse the fact that they are now living a lifestyle they have been taught to despise – often a (false?) claim of the money hasn't changed me. As you say, a complex issue. XXX

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