Ian Poole's Transport Journey Weblog Scotland Pt. 7 – Edinburgh

So it’s time for our remaining journey in Scotland earlier than we head for residence and what ought to have been a very good day in Glasgow, modified! And we headed the opposite approach to the capital metropolis, Edinburgh

The day begins good and early, heading to Stirling station to get the prepare to Edinburgh earlier than heading to an area tourism spot to gran the entire Lothian Buses, East Coast Buses and First Buses that we will get

Then, it’s time for a few prepare stations to complete off the vacation with journeys to Edinburgh Haymarket and Edinburgh Park earlier than disappearing again to Stirling. From Stirling, it is again to a soggy Glasgow Queen Road after which over to Glasgow Central to seize our prepare residence

Then, with our dinner in tow, it is the Avanti West Coast service all the way in which to Stafford however it’s not over from there as a result of, resulting from their being no trains, we acquired to get the bus again and we do not precisely fall in love with the shit heap that we get!


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  1. Sometime the best laid plans are the ones that we never made to start! Happy little accidents as Bob Ross used to say! Good safe travels sir! #sharethepositive always! :))

  2. It'll probably be a long time before I can visit Scotland so I enjoyed it vicariously through you! Lol

  3. Hi Ian Poole's
    this travel vlog of yours looks so cool and awesome and all the different locations you could share with us is cool too.
    This was a joy to watch Brother and if i have lots of cash i want to come to Scotland one day and see all these towns.
    Little info for you my family is from the UK but i was born in South Africa.

  4. Edinburgh sure looks beautiful man! Really nice transport travel vlog!

  5. Nice travel , also that was a nice mustang you saw there .

  6. Very cool places Ian, interesting how you travel and do this all day and night. Real passion you can tell.

  7. Man everything looks so cool. I mean I live in a wheat and cow area so all i see is fields all day. So this type of stuff is really cool to me.

  8. Maaan such beautiful sites! This was a joy to watch bro! Love me some good rain as well! Keep up the amazing work!

  9. The double decker buses are pretty cool. I normally see them as a tour busses like the hop on hop off but not as a passenger bus. Wow it busy in there.

  10. Well you certainly know your busses 🙂

  11. Never realised Edinburgh is Gemini 3 Central. Fully enjoyed your Scotland Travel Vlogs, every part of it. Just a little teaser: If things go to plan for September (depending when convid19 is over) Let's say service 26 will appear quite a bit.

    Hope you'll take care and stay safe 🙂

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