Ian Poole's Transport Journey Weblog Scotland Pt. 2 – Inverness

So it’s time for the vacation to get off an underay good and correct and, in case you watched final week’s positioning transfer, it would come as no shock that we begin the vacation in Inverness

Our day begins early; 6am to be exact and grabbing a number of buses earlier than crossing the practice station and heading to the Morrisons Automobile Park to do Inverness practice station

Then, it’s again to the bus station to seize the whole lot out and in of there while attempting to keep away from a driver that was performing like a dickhead after which shifting to a secondary location to seize a number of buses that eluded us

Then, it’s time for the lengthy highway to dwelling base and onboard a Inter7City set all the way in which all the way down to Stirling the place we meet up with Simon and head to the resort


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  1. Thank you for doing this, I feel like I have traveled there now

  2. Nice travel vlog my friend! I had no idea that you had a vlog channel man!

  3. Simon knows nothing I mean noting

  4. I love that ur enjoying ur passion my friend, u have inspired me, things will be coming soon watch this space

  5. If he does lose it please make a video of u kicking him in a nads lol

  6. Just beautiful shots bro! Seems like a chill ride! Great stuff as always my dude keep up the amazing work!!

  7. great content you deserve more views

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