Ian Poole Journey Weblog #7 – Tamworth

It is off on our travels once more however this time to not our supposed vacation spot as a result of a neighborhood vacation spot referred to as as we take flight to Tamworth


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  1. I know some from Arriva North East which are naughty aswell.
    1404,1410,1417,1441,1443,1445,1446,1459 & 1460 which is an absolute beast

  2. 14:30 same cooling fan sound as the Temsas but the Temsa cooling fans are noisy very noisy.
    Before you can even see the bus 1st it's the cooling fan

  3. One bus which is an absolute beast of an animal is the Wright Pulsar / Pulsar 2.
    Especially with kickdown and thrash proper screamers

  4. 3932 transferred from Wycombe as 3872. It wasn't one of the ones new to Wycombe however. It was actually new to Stevenage instead

    Aylesbury never originally had any B7RLEs. They didn't get any until 2018, when 3866 transferred from Wycombe and then 3863 joined, followed by 3864 and 3861 because 3919-3924 were absolutely knackered and constantly had problems, which is ironic because 3866 is also a heap of shit that keeps breaking down!

  5. How dare they put it on the threes lol my fault!

  6. I’ve been here to Tamworth a numerous times mainly to see the railtours Ian Poole

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