How To Make The Most Unbelievable Jack-Jack Num Num Cookies | Disney California Journey Recipe

Wish to Make Disney’s Jack-Jack Num Num Cookies at Residence? Discover ways to bake your individual heat gooey Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums with this simple copycat recipe from Pixar Pier in Disney California Journey Park. They’re Unbelievable! If Amanda can do it, so are you able to!

Cookie Num Nums recipe from our good associates at Get Away At this time!

Substances Wanted for Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums:
1 cup butter, softened
3/four cup white sugar
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
Three cups flour
3/four teaspoon salt
3/four teaspoon baking soda
eight ozmilk chocolate chips
2 ozdark chocolate baking chunks
White baking cups

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Video edited by Alyssa LaBotz

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  1. What a great outcome of your cookie num num. I want some!

  2. So I tried this recipe yesterday. I had to cook it twice as long because the middle was still raw. My wife and I tried them and they were not bad. After sitting overnight we had another today and I don't know what happened overnight but they are awesome today!

  3. these videos are amazing and fun to watch and learn how to make a Disney style treat. Thank you Amanda and Chris. Make a kitchen sink!!! I dare you. TTFN

  4. This was fun! And it looks like I have all I need to make Jack Jack Num Num cookies in my pantry… thanks for the video.

  5. We can’t wait to make these! I don’t know about you, but this whole staying at home with kids has left me with mush brain. I can’t remember anything or barely formulate sentences. Maybe I need more chocolate!

  6. I watched this while walking on our treadmill. LOL. My chocolate rankings are white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate.

  7. I heard "Jack – Jack." Milk Chocolate is my favorite. Love the Provosts!

  8. This looks like it is just the Tollhouse cookie recipe with dark chocolate chunks added.

  9. “PACKED FULL OF FLAVOR!” I was actually waiting for Amanda to say it. Missed an opportunity to put that clip in lol

  10. p. s thank u for the recipe, I'll try it maybe on Easter but I'll have to bake it at my grandmas house cuz my oven is busted

  11. I think Amanda is having too much of a sugar rush, she wanted that cookie num num to be done so bad, it took 5 more minutes before they were done, she let the heat out of the oven, but I bet it was worth it

  12. Amanda, it looks like you were eating raw cookie dough lol. Next time google how long you should bake cookie dough, and don't open the oven.

    This video gave me stress, I just wanted to guide her. >_<>"<

    My favorite chocolate is Dark chocolate.:-)

  13. So much fun watching this video! Your Awesome Amanda!! ❤

  14. As a sous chef I think I may have to adopt Amanda's cooking lingo into my vocabulary.

  15. Love the video! Is this your real kitchen? Always so clean and spotless! Jelly!

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