How To Make A WordPress Journey Web site & Weblog

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On this video tutorial we’re going to going to go over, intimately, the way to design a WordPress Journey themed web site and weblog. When you’ve got any questions in any respect on modifications to this theme, or on something I may need missed, be happy to ask them within the feedback under.

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  1. how would you replace the catagories with some other language like say Arabic and have the posts show up in the drop down menu without the word Adventure for example.

  2. Can i go to content views plugins and add new but in the filter settings at COMMON i want to pull the product from my Products which i inserted in WordPress dashboard by putting ID number (include only ) and i did your step till save and display setting and copy code and paste in elementor on the line i want but it does not pull to that categories. Please advice what to do and help please.

  3. i want to hotel booking affiliate . can you help me how can i start?

  4. Hey Dirt Baggins, it's helpful tutorial for me. Could you please tell how you added ADVENTURE TRAVEL & USEFUL TRAVEL TIPS post? thanks.

  5. It would be helpful if there is a timetable so we can skip on the steps. But very good content man.

  6. I'm not able to do a lot of stuff with elementor. It won't let me change that map on the contact page.

  7. not sure what im doing wrong but shortcode won't let me add to that section

  8. Hey when you said set featured image your cam image is blocking the clicky

  9. Well that's a great tutorial, can you please tell me how we can add carousel on top and how we can add woocommerce if we wanna place some payment options

  10. Thanks buddy for this helpful video

    And plz help to edit blog page with elementor when I am going blog page through Menu it doesn't shows edit with elementor

  11. social icon problem how to correct it shows square in shape in footer and top bar

  12. Great video appreciate the hard work. Just one question when doing the content view at 29.14 min I'm struggling to get it right as you used the divided tool really fast , not sure how you did it. Any tips on this or does anyone else know this?

    Thanks for any help.

  13. Hi,
    Thank you for posting this great video and helping me get a great looking site within minutes. I have managed to change much of the text and replace all the images. The volume in the video is very low and I have not been able to hear much of it, so a lot of what I did was with guesswork.
    Could you please help me with just a few points?
    1. Get back those small black windows with images in my drop-down menu.
    2. Change the top bar text and social images
    3. The side column content in all the posts has shifted to below the post and I can't figure out how to get it back on top.

  14. Hi! Thanks a lot for this video, it's great! I have just one question: how do I create more complex posts with images, links to other pages in the text etc? Do I have to use elementor? In that case, do I use the same procedure to add the recent posts to the home page or any other page?
    Thanks for your help.l

  15. Hi! First of all thanks for this tutorial, it's being really helpful to me!
    I would like to ask you something bcs I've been struggling with it for a long time and I couldn't find any solution.

    When you hover over the "Adventure" category (for example) it shows you the 4 latest posts of this category with "LATEST IN ADVENTURE" as a title.

    I would like to change the caption of this title but I don't know how to do it. I've tried different ways as Elementor or even inspecting the code and looking for the name class (which is ".mega-cat-title") among the .php files of the site but I haven't found anything.

    I would be really grateful If you or someone could help me out.

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Hello!! Thanks for this tutorial it’s amazing. But I noticed at the end your logo did not change after you updated I tried following your video and mine did not change as well do you have any idea why it happened?

  17. Hi,for some reason my social media icons show up as squares,not as icons.The inspect element tool doesn't show any errors or warnings.I know there are a lot of "tutorials" related to this issue,but they just don't work.Font awesome don't provide anymore in their troubleshooting page a free CDN link for integration to custom CMS like WordPress.Any ideas?

  18. Thanks so much for this vieo. I have made my site but when uploading the logo, it covers my Title. I can't seem to move my logo. Any way to do that?

  19. Hello…great video! Thanks for taking the time to put all this great info out there. I am using OceanWP for my site and very new at this. I like the layout and functionality of this theme, however I have lots of images in my blog posts and think they look better with a black background. I changed the blog page background from white to black, but then all the text in all my blogs needs to change from the current gray to white. What is the best way to do this? In addition to the blog text itself, all the headings and sidebar widget text needs to change as well. Can you recommend a way to modify this theme for a black page background? I tried finding another theme that would had a black background, but did not find anything that I liked as well as OceanWP. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  20. HEY, IS oceanwp theme is still available?? because i could not find any!

  21. I wish I could watch the whole video but voice is too low Skip it

  22. thank you for your explanation i just have a question after publishing how people can see your website this is more imporatnt for me to get people to my website

  23. Hi do you can help me? I change my menu and now i don't have black small windows with photos, why ?

  24. Perfect video, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks you, great teacher.

  25. You really made it easier than every other youtuber, specially for a beginner like myself, we just want our sites running as soon as possible, I'm sure I'll be checking on more advanced tutorial in the future, but again for starters your video was the most useful and the easiest step by step from the ones that I checked. Thank you for your time!

  26. Thanks for the video. I just wanted to know how to upload video as a background ?

  27. Hey can anyone help if I can add WP travel engine / WP travel plugin in this blog website to add tours / itineraries? @Dirt Baggins

  28. Thanks for your tutorial! It is very helpful! Is there a way to install the demo without it publishing automatically?

  29. Thanks for the great video ! ! !

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