How To Make a TRAVEL VIDEO – 10 Suggestions it’s worthwhile to know

Along with your journey simply forward, it is time to discover ways to make a journey video with any digital camera. These are my prime 10 tricks to making a cinematic and interesting journey video of your upcoming adventures.

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Nov, 2017


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  1. Hey nice information, thanks❣❣

  2. Don't forget to turn on your camera and don't lose $3k worth of camera equiptment while on vacation. My friend got the camera bag back but was a nervous wreck for the next 4 days.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I just published my first travel video.

  4. I have watched most of your videos and I would like to thank you for the tips. Can't wait to put them into action within my own videos.

  5. This video is awesome! Please check out our new YouTube channel and subscribe for more videos ☺️

  6. I will disagree with something. You said something like "get those unique shots that will make the audience wonder how they were shot". Yes, you should take unique shots, but the audience shouldn't be asking how those were shot. Only other filmmakers should be asking that. The average audience interested in travel videos should only be amazed by what adventures that country can offer. If they are asking themselves how the shot was taken, it is distracting them from the "travel" part of the video.

  7. WOW! Amazing Tips! ♥️
    Thank you.
    I will start my travel vlog soon.

  8. The music is important, but please mix it up. No offense, but your music sounded like every other you tubers

  9. Great stuff! How did you do the chop cuts to the kick drum of the song at 12min 49seconds? Curious! Thanks!

  10. Thank you!! I especially like the transition tip!! These tips will make my channel better! Really really thank you!!!

  11. Really nice video!! Check out also my videos and leave an opinion!! I would really appreciate that 🙂

  12. I make travel vlogs about South Korea! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks

  13. What program do you use to edit?

  14. This is spot on not just for travel but for vlogging. I've seen so many vids like this but not one mentions STORY. Perhaps the most key element. Will be trying some of these tricks in my vlogs in the future. Great work. LIKED.

  15. I can't find this video anymore. I need that website that you were showing us to get copyright free travel scene for our videos. Whats the website called again? I d appreciate your help

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