How To Journey Switzerland (World's Most Stunning Mountains)

We spent one week touring in Switzerland to seize why that is essentially the most lovely nation in Europe. The scenic landscapes, breathtaking mountain ranges, and refreshing hikes spotlight the distinctiveness of the Swiss Alps. The spotlight of this trip was the Stoos ski resort close to Schwyz and our 1 day exploring Zurich. Vlog 513

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  1. Great vid! How did you hook up with Edgar? Is he a tour guide?

  2. Switzerland is my fave European country, love the alps, trains and gingerbread houses with flowers all over. Next time, visit Grindelwald, a truly mesmerizing town on the edge of the world famous Mt Eiger. Nice videos you made!

  3. best among other ever Vlog i watched was yours very informative

  4. bro u should put disclaimer : watch without blinking you may miss beautiful views !!

  5. Switzerland!!!!!!! I would risk anything just to go there! I've always wanted to travel around the world and do vlogs but.. noo money no travel haha i d9 vlogs please support so i can fund my own travel, jk

  6. Hi!! Lovely video ! I’m not from Switzerland lol I’m actually planning my trip to Switzerland and I would like to know what month was this I’m trying to figure out what’s the best time fo visit

  7. Great video but epitome is pronounced e-pit-toe-me not epi-tome

  8. I have to say, that if you are on the mountains in the restaurants, the food isn't that good, bcs. It's like:"Hey, they're tourists, they'll only come once in their life up here, so we don't must cook good" Just try go to a "real" swiss restaurant, where the food is actually good and made with "love". Greetings from Switzerland

  9. The alp guy says thath its on another ort…. Wart was heisst ort uf änglisch?

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