How one can use a DRONE to make higher TRAVEL VIDEOS

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  1. Two minutes, only 2 minutes, to realize that, this is one of the most interesting "how to….travel" i ever seen. Simply because it starts says the truth about drone video ect ect. I agree with you, when you say that, you have to show your story, coz making just nice footage, it becomes boring. Thanks for you tips pal!!! Happy to subscribe.

  2. Thank for not being stingy with your knowledge and info.

  3. Jeven: I just came across your channel today and have watched about 8 of your vids. Great stuff. Thanks. I just ordered a Mavic Zoom for my first drone and am looking forward to doing some great things with it. I do I lot of motorcycle riding, and have a couple of rides planned this year – to Romania on the Transfargarian Highway – best ride in the world. I am a reasonable still photographer but have not done much video work. What editing software would you recommend for doing simple edits on a PC? Love your work.

  4. Thanks for all these drone videos. They're amazing

  5. The hardest part is fly in a space that's not regulated. Damn!!

  6. Some really great tips for people getting into drone work. Great video man! We released a similar video on using drones to create better stories. Check it out if you'd like.

  7. #JevenDovey, one good "match-cut" could be a beat in a series of beats in the music you have in the clip, when the final beat moves you to a different location or when a series of beats moves you along at a faster way….

  8. Thanks for all the awesome videos. I'm going to pick up a spark tomorrow for this very reason. I'm a professional photographer. I get to travel to awesome locations 3-4 times a year. And though I love shooting.. I want to branch out into film and start doing youtube content. A drone gives me those awesome angles that will add more depth. NowI just got a month to learn to fly.

  9. Hi Jeven, You might want to come to Reunion Island (Fr) to do some filming? Hit me an email to contact (at) vladan (dot) fr and I can tell you more about this beautiful Island lost in Indian Ocean, where I live. -:) I'm french.

  10. All you say is so very true. Not only is it fun to fly them, in combination with other shots…magic happens! Would give this video two thumbs up if I could. Thanks for sharing, cheers from Sweden

  11. Awesome info for content creators. Thanks WanderWorx. Liked and subbed!

  12. I have a question about the spark when I dot return to home it just lands why does it not come home

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