Hong Kong meals journey weblog – April 2016

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  1. Any good veg options at Kau Kee and Mak's noodle?

  2. thanks vy helpful. be good if you can let us know the address of the places again. thx u

  3. the first resto where is it located mongkok or kowloon tim ho wan?

  4. Hey! Ever thought of trying these HK style foooood with some wine? they can look good as well! check out some photos at Tongue Explorers! there are some photos like Cha Siu Bun with rosé, and egg tart with white wine! 😀 https://www.instagram.com/tongueexplorers/

  5. i like your channel man. nice vid. cantonese food is my fav cause its nostalgic but korean food is my current fav. I gotta visit Hk sometime!

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