Hong Kong- Journey Weblog Half 1

On February 15th 2009 I set off on a tour of South East Asia. First cease: Hong Kong. Music ‘Children’ by MGMT.

Filmed with a PANASONIC HDC SD9


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  1. I did not know that people are able to build such splendor. In my country, which is located in Central Asia, there is not a skyscraper. We are very poor. I'm amazed.

  2. OMG i love your video!!! I am a Local Hong Kong and just filmed a travel video in Mong Kok of Hong Kong, check it out, it means so much to me and you who wanna go to Hong Kong <3 😀 !!!!!!!

  3. Nice video! My parents are from HK, place called Sai Kung. Anyway, now living in London, UK and we like to make videos of London and our travels.. feel free to visit!

  4. I just started my Study-Travel Video Blog of Europe! See me visit over 11 countries. A New video every weekend! Check out my channel /WeLeonAida

  5. Hey guys, I've been working on a travel blog similar to this one! So far i've covered some of India and Canada. Please feel free to check it out!

    I am a vlogger from the UK who travels around the world with just clothes and a camera, documenting what it is like sleeping on the streets and hitchhiking in the USA. I have just uploaded my first video which takes place in Chicago Illinois, and I would really like to know what you think…

    Cheers, James

  7. Mmm…..lets see. A world famous harbour that's lit up by laser show EVERY NITE for tourists, a shopping mall every 100 metres, subway system that's fast, efficient and affordable….well the list goes on. Vietname doesn't offer those, does it? That said, Vietnam is a beeeeautiful country with incredible sights that HK doesn't offer and Vietnamese cooking is glorious. That's true too. In all, both places are great tourist destinations but HK is more tourist convenient I must say.

  8. Nice video!! I've started blogging as i'm about to move to Japan on the 23rd Jan, feel free to check it out georgereeve90

  9. If you have the time, please take a look at my
    channel to see my most recent adventure through the
    United States, through the eyes of an Englishmen.
    It includes footage of me attempting to sleep on the street
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  10. Great decision. Hong Kong beats Vietnam any day as a tourist's destination. But you might wanna consider at least another two trips to this fabulous world city. As far as I can judge from your clip, you only covered about 10% of Hong Kong. There's the outlying islands with their unique expat culture. The famed Country Parks and hiking trails. The Seafood Bazaars. The night markets. The new towns and their surrounding rural neighbourhoods and much more. Do come bk. Hong Kong welcomes you!

  11. Did you say you were from southampton? I am too! Aha and I go to hk almost every summer :)! Nice vlog btw!


  13. welcome to hong kong , have you taken q tram ride in hong kong?

  14. i live in HK and i like it

  15. @kaljavaara Yes,mostly educated people knew how to speak English but China got attacked by lots of enemies from the past and really make them feel angry and tired.I am actually very glad that britain had took this amazing place for colony because if Hong Kong continue to be controled by China…Hong Kong won't be many amazing places…..You can eat all kinds of food you want to eat here..I enjoy living in Hong Kong

  16. @mskaren987 Really,that's a great girl's school but I study in a boy's college in tai kok tsui…

  17. Hey!!! Nice to see you enjoy Hong Kong,if Hong Kong is a seperate country not from China,that will be great,the chinese is horrible except the Hong Kong people because I am one of them and I am just …..a kid…

  18. This is probably a really stupid question, but when you went to HK, did you say to yourself "Hey! We used to own this place!"?

  19. Hong Kong was, until 1997, officially a British colony, so most people there speak English.

  20. I loved Hong Kong, even though we were there for just 4 days! Victoria Peak was spectacular, although it looks as though you didn't see it on the sunniest of days. It was 30 degrees when I went!

  21. Looked like a fine college to me! You live in an awesome place, I loved Hong Kong…

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