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  1. I know that you love the differences in humour between Uk & Usa… here in the uk we have a many excellent comedians and Inthought that you would find this video quite amusing! https://youtu.be/UCo0hSFAWOc

  2. Get a Bedlington Terrier, if you're prepared to trim him yourself. Best fun in the world. My old dog learnt to pick blackberries off the bush and eat them, copying me.

  3. The town where I was born had a cricket club playing matches against other teams 40 years before the birth of the USA.
    They were going to France to introduce the French to cricket but met the British Ambassador at Dover who was on his way back as the French revolution had started.
    Hence the French missed the opportunity to become truly civilised.

  4. Believe it or not, there are Morris Dancers that come to England from the good old USA. I have seen them at some of the folk festivals I attended. And, when there are different Morris groups eg Rapper, Stick dancing, Sword and handkerchief etc dancing at a Morris/Folk event, a great time can be had. As for sarcasm, I agree with you. There are two words that can have a wealth of meaning, depending on inflection. Those two words are, "Oh really." They can convey boredom, interest, offence or indicate that the person who says them thinks you are stupid. All depending on the inflection.

    When I worked in the States, an American I met took me to one of the old Western towns which used to be a silver mining town in the 19th century. I was quietly amused when she told me about how historical this was. I gently informed her that to me, that is modern history! But, as you stated, America is a very young country. However, to an American, 100 years is a long time. To an Englishman 100 miles is a long way!

  5. Are you saying, that the USAAF, who spent 3 years? flying from the uk–, AND THE US.ARMY, Who spent years here, preparing for D Day,—were not, made aware, that British food , was NOT ONLY RATIONED, BUT HIGHLY LIMITED IN CHOICE, DURING AND ( NINE YEARS BEYOND) WW2 ??

  6. British food used to be pretty awful in the 60s and 70s. Provincial hotels were dreadful. Leathery roast beef, overcooked grey cabbage, watery carrots and a thick gelatinous gravy, And pub food was even worse. There was often a glass case on the counter containing sandwiches, these were always limp white processed bread greased with cheap margarine containing a thin wafer of cheese, the translucent remains of a lettuce leaf and and a fragment of tomato. It wasn't just wartime GIs who were appalled by the food.

  7. I think a good example of english humour and american humour – if you watch a show like the UK office vs. the American office. Altho completely the same programme, the way they make humour is just completely different

  8. i love this channel, but i must say, as an englishman, you are really putting some exceptional american comedians down. please, dont think im saying you are "wrong" or "uneducated in comedy" ….. lets all just take a moment to remember bill hicks, richard pryor, robin williams, harold lloyd , katherin ryan, joan rivers, need i go on? ooooops, i am in isolation, i may be a little tiddly piddly, so i apologize to anyone i may offend ;p big love to all 🙂

  9. Going back in time funniest American comedy act The Marx Brothers especially Groucho, I loved Sgt Bilko with Phil Silvers. Funniest American film Airplane!. Also when the American band leader Glenn Miller came over in the 2nd world war, he didn't like the food, he liked Italian food!.

  10. " must comment like/share" I rely hate that cliche, you can jus trust us bro

  11. Morris dancing is good. The name is believed to be a contraction of "Moorish dancing. " Supposedly the style coming over from the Moors in Spain, but it does appear to have older origins.

  12. Sarcasm is a difficult thing to communicate in writing. When speaking to someone, you can tell within a second or two if they've understood what you're saying. If they haven't, you can say "It was a joke", which is not possible in writing. I've had peopole take umbrage at my comments online and then had to explain to them that what I said wasn't actually what I meant, that I was deliberately over exaggerating something for effect or whatever. To me, it was pretty obvious, but some people really don't have a sense of humour. They take everything literally. Literally.

  13. Don't talk the U.S. down too much on the comedy front. During lock-down I've loved binging on your stuff. "Friends" isn't even close to being dated yet and "Arrested Development," "Parks & Rec," "Alpha House" and "Big Bang" take some beating. Oh, and they're as witty and sarcastic as anything we produce.

  14. If you come again, you need to go to Norfolk and see the Molly dancers!

  15. Love watching you guys and your take on our British culture but also on the flip side to learn about American culture which is fascinating…good job and keep them coming.

  16. UK Food was pretty much uniform up until the 70's Not bland but not super creative. We then had an influx of other foods from immigrant communities that brightened up our cuisine and cooking became fashionable. Now you can have food and find ingredients here from pretty much any part of the world.

  17. I was at a pagan moot and had too much mead and tried Morris Dancing and it was HILARIOUS. Don't knock it until you try it. I was embarrassed but now I embrace it.

  18. look at a video called Mickey Flannigan who tells when he was in USA for a bit

  19. If someone doesn't leave an emoji, they are generally just being serious / a dick

  20. Hi! A little Brit here. Love the video guys! I guess everything we have here, we grow up with and is the norm for us so it's fantastic to see our friends over the pond love our little country. I always try my best to get out to different spots around the UK to visit our castles and remind myself of our often quite bloody history. It really is magical and you're always welcome here!

  21. All the examples of the comments you put on the screen like “you are thick as shit” are not sarcasm that’s them being mean

  22. My favourite dog, you have a lot in the states is the Boxer, best dogs ever!

  23. Don't get a Great Dane dog,you'll be shocked,they can be as big as a medium size pony!!!

  24. Us Brits understand our wit or sarcasm very well,we're of one mind when it comes to sarcasm!

  25. I like Americans love of history,in my town Croydon ,sth.London we have at least 3 buildings built around the year 1500 !!!

  26. Morris dancing to me is a purely English thing,I'm so happy being english

  27. Probably the funniest joke by a now-dead British comedian (Bob Monkhouse) drives home the point about self-deprecation. He said, "When I was a boy I told everybody I wanted to be a comedian and they just laughed at me. Well, they're not laughing now!"

  28. I think we brits love your shows in the US 🙂 We know we sarcastic af in person lol 🙂

  29. I think our humour has changed noticeably over 30 years. For example, look at old comedians from 70’s & 80’s like Bob Monkhouse and Bernard Manning ( polar differences in their style but similar in delivery) and you will get one-liners one after the other for an hour straight. Nowadays the one-liners are less popular in place of everyday situations that comedians skilfully turn into humour’ I think Billy Connelly (prob spelled wrong) was one of the pioneers of said humour, and now it’s normal, take Michael Mackintyre and Lee Evans as modern day examples.

    , Bloody hilarious!

  30. As regards the difference between U.S and U.K humour, American comedian Rich Hall gets British humour brilliantly!! He’s hilarious!!

  31. Haha – Game of Thrones is clearly based on the UK and its shocking medieval history

  32. Some of the towns in England are so pretty and have tons of history . Colchester in Essex is a very nice place to visit but gets very busy in the summer .. Colchester castle is a great place to spend a couple of hours and the tour of the castle is very cheap and interesting .

  33. We can be just plain nasty, you know, as it seems some people have been to you. And some people think they're funny and they're not. Perhaps a thing with Americans is trying to find THE answer, THE explanation – and there just isn't one. I'm being dry but nice.

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