High 32 British vs American Meals Variations (British English vs American English)

At present we’re introducing you to 32 British English vs. American English variations about meals! Meals is considered one of our favourite matters (after all) and we predict it is fascinating to see how the UK and USA name a variety of the identical meals by totally different names.

What’s a British English vs. American English meals distinction that we forgot? Share it with us within the feedback 😄


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  1. When american's enter a controversy subject about UK food words LOL.

    Such brave souls LOL.

  2. Just to add to the confusion, jam can actually be jelly in the UK. My mother used to make 'Bramble Kelly' every autumn. Why jelly not jam? Because when you filter out the pips what you're left with is jelly, seeds still in and it's jam.

  3. As noted elsewhere capsicum is usually, incorrectly, called peppers, peppers is really a generic term which encompasses everything from capsicaum to scotch bonnet and many other varieties.

    One that had me puzzled for years is Rutabaga, took me a long time to figure out that was the US term for what we call Swede.

  4. In Ireland the rasher stands proudly on its own sizzling upon the frying pans of the nation. You never add "of bacon". In fact, you rarely say "bacon" …unless you're speaking to English people, who need that little extra clarification. Songs are sung about it. Dogs (and occasionally humans) are named after it. And if you say "I couldn't give a rasher" then you mean "I couldn't care less". It's not just a food – it's an institution!

  5. This may have peen mentioned but with I think it is inter changeable
    I’ve heard Desserts mentioned lots of times at home, restaurants and supermarkets. But I have heard pudding mentioned a lot ( but mainly at home). But on a home basis if some called it “afters” I know what the mean and actually I have said that.
    And custard is custard (sorry I can’t explain different) but it is not banana.

  6. The only time I’ve used the word Capsicum was when I worked at Safeway! We do say sausage, bangers is a nick name for them.

  7. from the nation that brought you the term "mother fucker"

  8. Also custard is a yellow substance its not really got an equivalent in usa its a totally british thing. In France its its french name translates as cream of the english. As they hate it and its a totally made up british thing. Also it can be eaten hot or cold hot its like yellow gravy for puddings cold its a desert in its own right with fruit or jam in or turned into cakes like egg custard.

  9. Also what you call chocolate pudding is more like a moose in the uk. Pudding is any desert really but traditionally puddings are hot and desert cold. If you think it makes sense as rice pudding is hot but cakes etc cold. But the word in modern sense is interchangeable. Also pudding doesnt have to be sweet dish can be a savoury dish too like steak pudding which is steak boiled in suet pastry. So pudding has a savoury meaning too where desert doesnt there really arnt savoury desert. Also you can have a pudding for a man course too. Like steak pudding with mash peas and gravy.

  10. Alsowho made that shepards pie looked terrible. Cottage pie is beef. Shepards pie lamb. Shepards pie traditionally just beef onion potatoes maybe cheese on top and maybe carrot in with meat thats it meat part in gravy. Cottage pie well thats anything goes really. I make 1 every week i have beef, onions red and white, carrots, marrowfat peas, bell peppers, leeks and mushrooms in mine in cottage pie mix which is basically herbs spices and gravy with mashed potato yop. Then i use just any cheese i have i think red Leicester works best. Then you can put slices of tomatoes on top too but i dont do that. I just have that for my meal as everything is in it its whats called a 1 pot wonder!! Although because of leeks i use 2 post oops.

  11. You guys really need to visit uk again and go somewhere more workingclass not posh uk. And try oir museums. Like museum of science and industry and right across road air museum in manchester. Also visit southport as its englands classic resort and its kind of golf mad too

  12. Almost everything you said for american can be used no problem in uk and people will understand. Except for maybe entree which really means nothing. And appetizer is actually another course like an amoose boosh usually comes before the meal and before the starter or perhaps between courses. And its usually tiny. Amoose boosh appetiser and canopes kind of same thing. As for bacon rasher is just a measure of bacon it means a slice e.g 2 rashers of bacon and 2 eggs is 2 pieces of bacon or slices and 2 eggs. We have different cuts of bacon american bacon is made from pork belly we dont really call or have that as bacon at all you can buy pork belly here though. Closest is streaky bacon. We also have back bacon which is the 3rd pic you had. 1st pic was what we call medallions of bacon. We also have middle bacon which is usually rectangular and is basically 2 pieces of streaky type bacon. Then we have different cures which is how the bacon is prepared like dry cure which is just salt usually. Then wiltshire cure thats brined. Then we have cheaper bacon that has water and preservatives injected into it. We also have smoked or unsmoked. my fav bacon is dry cure smoked streaky bacon.

  13. Love these videos!!! Been struggling to sleep lately with all the virus things going on and these videos have been taking my mind off things 🙂 quickly subscribed !!!! sending love from the U.K. ❤️

  14. Jacket potatoes – best filling is butter (proper butter), cheese (strong cheddar & some Stilton) and a small splash of Worcestershire sauce.

    Never heard of Eggy Bread – I'm 49 and have lived in England since birth.

  15. I think some of these are a little muddled up, sausage is the proper word and banger is slang. Bacon is bacon and you can have a rash of bacon, we call American bacon streaky bacon. A fairy cake is a type of cupcake, more of a home made style – but we definitely still have cupcakes!! Yum! We say red/yellow/green pepper – I know capsicum but have never used it. Eggy bread is what your mum makes on the weekend but in a restaurant you would always say French toast. But Obviously some of these things change which part of the country you are 🙂

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