High 15 Errors & Fake Pas British Individuals Make In America | Brits in America | UK vs USA Tradition 🙊🙉

WAIT! Earlier than getting salty within the remark part, please perceive that simply because we’re sharing these widespread British fake pas with you, it doesn’t imply that we assist or endorse them. We’re simply the messengers. 😉😋[end disclaimer]
In at present’s video, we’re sharing a few of the prime cultural errors and fake pas that British folks make once they go to America! Are you a Brit planning a visit to the States? Comply with the rules shared on this video and also you’ll you should definitely go away with extra pals than enemies! 🍻😂
Are you American? What fake pas would you add to our checklist? 🤔
Are you British? What sort of errors do Individuals make once they go to the UK? 🙊


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  1. Omg….this is just the weirdest video…the generalizations are crazy and most of your observations are over exaggerated about americans and Brits…sorry, this video was pretty brutal.

  2. Wow Eric you sound resentful and pissed off. It’s common to make generalisations based on ethnicity amongst other things. I think what contributes to these issues is that America is the most dominant economic and culturally country in the world currently . I find Americans, based on having met a lot, more than other nationalities tend to see the world through this lens of American exceptionalism and dominance. I think many Europeans not just British people scratch h their heads about Trump, guns, lack of health care etc and speak out about it. Similarly a lot of Americans I’ve met in person and online don’t hesitate to offer opinions about UK and politics . So you seem to have some double standards there

  3. Saying "That's so British" would not offend a Brit.

  4. Been to the US several times and yet have no wish to rush back. The remote bits are nice.
    Americans still need to mature in the world, reason why a lot of the world hate the US (politics).

  5. Well the USA doesn't seem t be as free as they like to make out.

  6. i find it strange that americans lump all of europe from greece to norway into one country.when they are loads of different countries each with their own very distinctive culture language etc.

  7. In other words just assume when in America that you are dealing with children.

  8. No to tips, get a government that makes sure you get a living wage

  9. Wouldn't do any of these things in Britain so I'm certainly not going to think about doing it in the States or elsewhere.

  10. Now I can see why Oasis aren’t massive in America.

  11. awwww bless, they get offended by everything lol.

  12. Wow, incredible assumptions and vast generalisations about the Brits.

  13. The land of the free? The right to free speech? Yeah that’s a fucking laugh.

  14. I just stumbled upon your channel and I enjoyed the topic. I agree with virtually all of the points you brought up – speaking as an American. I'm sure some of it will come off as whiny and overly sensitive to some Brits but you're right on the mark with pretty much all of those points.

  15. Brits find it annoying when Americans say we have FREE healthcare. It is NOT free. We pay National Insurance. It is compulsory. We can also buy private health insurance too but that does not get you out of your obligation of paying NI. It is free at the point of use as in we will not receive a bill after seeing a doctor. This is why we hate health tourism. People who come to the country to use something that we have paid for but they haven't. We also pay for medicine but the prescription is a set price. Not included in the healthcare are eyes and you guessed it teeth.

  16. Why would you tip bad service ? Tipping is a way to show appreciation. Bad service no tip.

  17. Who talks about religion? It’s man made superstition nonsense. Americans make me laugh, God bless America…really? Also, generally we don’t talk about politics, it’s on a par with religion. A Brit would never say something sucks, they would say that something was shit, or shite. Start a fist fight? Where did that shit come from?

  18. All Britts please stop complaining about our public restrooms. The gap in the doors and under are for sanitary reasons. You are the only creeps staring at people through the cracks.

  19. The problem is that a lot of the media coming out of America portrays America in the way you are telling us not to behave – underage drinking, swearing etc Talk about having your cake and eating it too!
    And the fact that you guys feel that all British people would behave that way is sooooooo American 🙂

  20. Americans complaining about their well-earned international image – That's so American.

  21. Wow, what parts of England have these two idiots been to?

  22. As an Australian, who has been to both the UK and USA, it sounds less about British faux pas and more like an apologist view for some Americans being overly sensitive about the real world. Especially when fairly straightforward issues are hidden under the excuse of being 'complex' and beyond the understanding of outsiders.

  23. Aren't you guys sitting too close together?

  24. Americans come across as over enthusiastic which is rather annoying and you all seem a little bit soft because of what you can and cannot discuss yet always bring up your freedom of speech….

  25. honestly the us sounds awful, land of the free but the freedom is to locking yourself up with the same set of shit ideas that never get tested or changed because you it’s rude an actual conversation with someone you disagree with. pub culture is so great because it dissolves social barriers and if you act and have the views of a prick those standards are going to be tested in a (usually) civilised local environment creating social cohesion

  26. You yanks are way to sensitive! That's so American!

  27. Tipping for buying burgers and coffees? It's a joke! Even had to tip before I sat down for a buffet at the Bellagio

  28. Sarcasm and irony are how we have fun with the rest of the world. When working in america i used to see how sarcastic i could be at meetings before anyone noticed 🙂

    Tipping – I find it objectionable – like staff should be paid to do the job I should not have to pay them. I will and do tip – but if the service sucks so will the tip cos it will be a big fat sweet FA!

    It’s sometimes hard to talk about politics in the US as I often know more about US political history and current events than they do.

    The healthcare system in the US sucks – really – no excuses if you don’t see that – it really needs explaining to you – until you understand it

    Day drinking in the is less acceptable than it was. But at work we sometime go out to the pub late afternoon and that’s ok to get a few pints in.

    Basic take away you guys are very over sensitive on many things.

    I hate Americans who put on fake British accents and talk about having tea.
    You can criticise the military but still support it in the UK – lots of americans seem to believe everything has to be binary
    It makes me laugh that people recoil in horror if someone has a ciggie but will be carrying a loaded gun!
    Guns are not complex – its not insensitive or ill informed – Machine guns are not in your consitution – the right to bear arms is misinterpreted by many ill informed americans . It is nothing like Ireland that is such a dumb comparison.

  29. Wow. Americans trying to lecture the British about our own language and then trying to sensor us because they are snowflakes. THAT IS SO AMERICAN.
    British teeth are healthier than American – we have free dental.
    British food is FAR higher quality than American (chlorinated chicken? Hormones? WTF) we have healthy organic home grown fruit and veg, meat, poultry and fish. We have fewer processed foods and additives are regulated (E numbers!)
    Freedom of speech. The US should try it sometime.

  30. "That's so British" would not offend me at all. Brits a self-deprecating anyway.

  31. Some brits may take your comment of the northern ireland boarder as sarcasm because the uk did try to make it a hard boarder in the past so may assume you where just poking fun at that mess.

  32. You just made me love Britain even more and even more not go to America. We are more real. Why say question before asking a question? Look a question mark at end and your voice says it too, high at the end.

  33. ive seen many vids steriotype the british by the americans only difference is we dont give a dam lol oh i shouldnt use that word lol

  34. interesting i hear u use whats up? here in uk we would asume whats wrong ? thinking there was. when asked that i always reply THE SKY haha. also slang for mcdonald,s here is maccy d,s as in mcdonalds why do you say mickey d's whoes mickey? lastly you call a tap a faucet yet you order in bar and ask for tap water? why not faucet water? strange lol

  35. tea before the milk….ARGH how could you?!!!!… that is so British….. tutting loudly when someone jumps the queue…. that is so British….. Expecting all foreigners to always speak proper English… that is so British (with extra points for applying this to Americans too) 🙂 Is it any wonder there are only 22 countries in the entire world we in the UK haven't had a war with…….. Actually I LIKE when someone says XXXX that is so British as it gives a good view of how people perceive us (that we often don't see in ourselves)

  36. Most things are somewhat correct, but i feel as though you haven't discussed some of your points with many people from the UK. Sounds as if you are using one or two peoples opinion as something everyone does.

  37. It annoys me that Americans cant be bothered to learn how to pronounce Iraq properly..it is not eye rack!

  38. Mine would be jay walking, not illegall in the U.K., but frowned upon in the U.S. In London especially I found it easy to walk with the traffic and forget about the lights, but in the U.S. I would be cited over and over.

  39. 50 folk got shot today by a 10yr old.. the world says: only in America [would that be not unusual, one of those things, unsurprising]

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