Hidden meals gems in Beijing | Hutong meals tour with Misplaced Plate

In search of one of the best meals tour in #Beijing? We have you coated. Be a part of us on a tasty tour across the hutongs, the alleys shaped by traces of siheyuan, conventional courtyard residences. Our information Sherry from Misplaced Plate [Top Rated for their food tours in China] took us to four hidden eating places and a brewery to a wide range of native specialties. #China #Journey

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  1. Your 3rd stop was interesting too.. That meat dumpling was so unique, and Maria enjoyed that one a lot. Too funny that drink smelled like pineapple, but didn't go down like pineapple!! LOLOL!! The 4th spot.. it was like a maze to get inside, and love that you're doing spring pancakes!!! So many items to put inside, and we love how almost every country, has a version of flat breads!!! We're so glad you had a great experience and that you had fun at the brewery at the end!!! Great adventure and thanks for taking us with you!!! Stay safe and love you guys to the moon!! <3

  2. Love that Nabol asked… "Is this spicy?" and Sherry said.. no, this is medium!! It looks really delicious and flavorful!!! LOL Competitive eating! Your second stop of Mongolian BBQ was cool. Maria.. you loved that lamb!!! <3

  3. Hey Maria and Nabol!!! So great to see you guys in Beijing and LOLOL that drink Maria took at the start… too funny!!! Nice you met up with your friend Sherry from "Lost Plate". We love how she was preparing your noodles for you!!! <3

  4. hahaha how strong is baiju! I've (John) had Moutai for the first time last year and that stuff is strong lol Dangg the noodles look good! but Nabol, you can't handle spice? We love spicy food haha

  5. was waiting for the peking duck to be served, hehe, great food tour guys!

  6. haha great name of the first restaurant! Beijing cuisine is quite authentic and yes the sizzling lamb from the second restaurant looks super good! never tried the big juicy dumpling, and only could find in Beijing, makes us more intrigued now, it remind us of the fried xia long bao but huge version haha

  7. Nunca hicimos un tour gastronómico, por ahora! Pero nos tentó el video! Jaja

  8. Wow, great food finds!
    Thanks for teaching us "hutong."
    I would have been apprehensive about the chili past as well: I hear that food around Chengdu is very spicy.
    Peanuts with bread crumbs? Very interesting combination. The little boxes of spices was very cool!
    Smells like pineapple but doesn't go down like pineapple, lol
    The spring pancake looked very good. Very interesting that in Chinese culture people believe that good things come in pairs.
    Thanks for sharing this food tour. It looked like a great way to explore the city!

  9. He wants to be invited to your home? Hahahah
    İt's so cool to meet people from other places.
    How was the brewery???

  10. The alleys look so beautiful
    What a nice meal on the last place, and there are noodles!!!

  11. The third place has some exclusivity to that dish! That's awesome unique experience

  12. Did you say this is the Lieles video after putting the red chili? Hahaha

  13. Uh oh, does that mean that the second place is gonna be spicy food??
    Love how some places give you the plates and utensils wrapped

  14. Love how she says it's not spicy, bit then she says ok I'll give you low to medium hqhaha

  15. What's that drink Maria ? İn the intro part
    Your face!!!

  16. Great tour, looks so tasty and such a variety!! Hutong area was one our favorite area to visit!! I love those noodles, dumplings, vegetables, pancake!!
    One thing we miss about China is the great food!!

  17. I have never taken a food tour before, but will need to. I just found out Food and Footprints did that before. Baby Rosalie would love a Food Tour, she is the eater of the family.

  18. yeah the last restaurant is so cool and it looks like old beijing and the food is also looks so so yummy

  19. wowww that noodle really look yummy.. love the presentation and mix everything together

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