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Throughout this time, nobody needs to be taking a trip. This two half Hawaii Quarantine vlog collection shares my Hawaii residence life throughout quarantine.

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I reside on the island of Oahu. On March 26 Oahu residents went into Hawaii Shelter-in-place and a 14 day quarantine was introduced for guests to Hawaii. As a solo feminine traveler, if I don’t really feel secure, I do not journey. I turned down sponsorships as a result of I didn’t need to journey and there’s extra.

📌- How are you doing, Christine?

Hanging in there. However numerous the journey business is struggling proper now, together with myself. My earnings is reliant on my journey weblog, YouTube channel and I earn cash when of us are researching or planning journeys and watching journey movies. As we do not know the way totally journey will recuperate, there’s a risk GRRRLTRAVELER could not make it. I’ll attempt to be artistic find funding; nonetheless, I’ll should step away from YouTube as a way to do it.

📌- What can I do to assist your channel?

🧡SUPPORT MY CHANNEL ON PATREON ✈ http://patreon.com/grrrltraveler

Should you consider in what I do and need to see me proceed, help my channel. All my content material helps of us discover journey confidence for his or her private journeys. On Patreon, you get extra content material, enjoyable reward perks, Fb group membership, unique behind the scenes movies, and perception into my struggles as a YouTube enterprise.

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📌- Will you share your journey movies sooner or later?

Sure. Initially, I didn’t really feel proper about posting journey when the coronavirus was hitting the world violently.

-📌 Do you publish your movies from the nation you might be exhibiting?

No. I edit and publish all my movies *after* I’ve returned from my travels. As a solo feminine creator who additionally juggles and weblog and social media platforms, it takes me time to create my content material.

-📌The place are you now?

Comply with me on Instagram and Fb to know my actual time whereabouts.


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I’m Christine Kaaloa. I’m a feminine solo journey YouTuber, filming and taking you inside my solo journeys of meals, journey and tradition, as DIY solo journey guides for YOU! Might the GRRR be with you!


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  1. Christine,

    Thanks for the video and I hope dog Tinker is doing much better.

    God Bless,

    Eric Monte

  2. The one silver lining of this pandemic quarantine is that in my town in the USA the dogs in the local shelter have been either adopted or fostered. In difficult times the non-judgmental, unconditional affection of a good dog can be such a joy. Seems to make the world just a little better.

  3. Even when you're not traveling, you are traveling!

  4. I agree with a commenter here love the honesty. Not many take you inside their life without some type of sponsorship or sell.

  5. Awesome video, Christine, I loved it! I should be as careful as you are during this pandemic…we are pretty fortunate over here though in Phuket where there really haven't been very many infections, around 217, and two deaths on an island of over 500,000 people. I think I am happier I am here than back in the states right now! Stay safe…

  6. My lock down routine? Working from home, which involves sitting on my fat ass in front of a computer eating blueberries. It's a life.

  7. Very interesting. I enjoyed watching this. Thank you for sharing inside your life. I didn't realize you did so many things and that you were on Facebook too.

  8. Dear Christine, I hope you are doing well. My name is Patrick Arnoux and my YouTube channel Exclusive Travel Reviews. I have dropped you an email a bit earlier about a possible YouTube collab. Let me know you wish to discuss more in detail.

  9. Hawaii is one of my most favorite places on earth. Such a beautiful place and the food!

  10. OMG, that Corned beef, My Sri Lankan partner fries it up with onions and spices and has it with bread, it's a family tradition and was one of his Dad's favorite things. We all had it for lunch on the twelve month anniversary of his death, I was very polite but all I could think was 'dog food'. I hope tinker is going to be ok. xx

  11. Poor Tinker! I hope you soon find out what ails her. Hawaii is gorgeous and it's wonderful that you can ride this out with your family. I live on my own, so the worst part about all this is living without human touch for such a long time. I've been using this time to eat well (I order groceries online for pick-up, but time slots are hard to get so I usually have to wait 10 to 14 days between orders), catch up with loved ones online, and go for a daily walk, which keeps me sane. Oh, and read a lot. Take care, stay safe!

  12. Awesome vid! Definitely going to check out more of your content!

  13. Thank you for sharing your Quarantine Vlog! It was so great watching you and seeing you and the family are genki! Gambate kudasai, Tinker chan!! I hope they are able to sort out the issues. VCA is excellent! My Lulu chan (13yr old black lab) has ongoing skin issues so I hear you when you say, there's always something…LOL! BTW, what okazuya place was that from?? Tanioka's?? Take care my fellow island chika and continue to keep safe and healthy! BTW, we have a mutual friend, M Yasutake LOL!!

  14. Hope Tinker is doing better and diabetes is stabilised. =)

  15. Thats interesting your washing machine is outside, is this normal for your region?

  16. Tinker is blessed to have you Christine. You are so loving towards her!

  17. You should try Netflix's "Sense8". So good. A bit sci-fi, but really about inclusivity and authenticity and personal bravery, and the overwhelming power of love, for self and one another. One of my all time favourites. (And beautifully filmed across several amazing global locations.)

  18. So cute but hogging the TV – Distance – LOL

  19. I am totally enjoying your Hawaii Quarantine videos. I love the glimpse into your day to day and a view through your very open/honest lens.

  20. I used to live on Oahu, have family in P.C. I miss Zippy's chili and Shiro's fried rice so much!!

  21. I watched your Japan vids to get a general idea of what to do there. My plans for going to Japan had to be scrapped because of the CV crisis. What was heartbreaking is this would have been my first time ever in East Asia. I wanted to have happy Anime nerd time in Akihabara, check out the local music scene, ride the bullet train, etc. Insult to injury was my flight itinerary home had a 24 layover in Seoul. So I'd see a little bit of Korea. Hopefully this will be over soon.

  22. i would be smiling and waving at my neighbors too if i lived in Hawaii ! I have a new kitten here who just got spayed and shes trying to pick her stiches out she got one so only one left so have to keep a close eye on her.

  23. Wanna know what I'm doing during this lockdown? Binge watching all your videos!

  24. Great video! I was disappointed when you pulled your video yesterday but you totally redeemed yourself today.

  25. Hey! Can you do a Q&A some time during this lockdown. Love you

  26. Thank you for the Tinker update,please keep us informed.Here in the UK it is pretty miserable,all restaurants,takeaways etc have all been closed for over a month.No drivethrough,very few click and collect,even MacD and KFC closed.Stop showing food,making me hungry LOL

  27. So many masks, you might as start a mask collections from all the places you've been to 🙂

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