Gyoza MADNESS at Otodo Shokudo (with Solo Journey Weblog!)

Dustin from Solo Journey Weblog joined me for a gyoza journey. My buddy Ochi-san runs a profitable ramen store that grew to become a bit well-known for his or her gyoza, and now they’ve opened a gyoza restaurant (that additionally serves ramen). I’ve had my fair proportion of gyoza in Japan, and this one is tops.

The store is situated right here:

Try Dustin’s channel:

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  1. Hey Brian,
    I am now in Tokyo, it would be great if you could help me by telling where I can find ramen without meat? Since I am a vegetarian, ramen with fish or just vegetables would be great.

  2. Awesome vid man! Thanks again for the invite…My vid will be coming soon.

  3. Wow handmade is faster than the machine right… so Why? that's too gay right? LOL. Brian I teach you the good thing : Hakusai is delicious than cabbage, and knife chopped the sliced Pork Belly is delicious than those machined mince for Gyoza.

  4. Difficult to watch with that solo wierdo

  5. お好み焼き餃子は初めて見ました!

  6. The solo travel guy doesn’t seam to mesh well with your wholesome personality and respect. He falls flat like “are we done here?” Plus his jokes/ references were not funny.

  7. Really appreciate you doing longer videos man

  8. Yeah, ramen restaurants almost always make the best gyozas (even better than bars/chinese-japanese restaurants). It's kind of like how usually seafood houses make good chop for some reason.

  9. $30 for 30 tiny gyozas…you kidding me?! Another hipster joint propping up in Japan.

  10. You should do a series of other food other than just ramen too!!

  11. I really like Solo Travel Blog's videos. How ever I can't stand his voice and his persona (maybe?) that he's made for YouTube. Can't help but feel he'd be a lot more popular if he was more of a regular guy, cause his videos are really great, but the voice and stuff makes me have to mute him and just watch the video as background filler.

  12. Just ate my dinner and now you made me hungry again!

  13. What a great variety in gyoza!!!!! Tops it off with a beer!!!!! Nice to see sweet cheeks Dustin!!!!!

  14. Great looking gyoza. I really appreciate that attention to detail from the chef. Maybe I'll try this place when I visit Tokyo in Japan.

  15. These gyoze seemed less personal (if you know what I mean)

  16. ラーメンだけじゃなくて

  17. This collabo's got me borderline AROUSED. I guess what I'm tryin' to say is: nice fuckin' video right there 😉

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