Hope you take pleasure in MY GOA TRAVEL DIARY this video!
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  1. 1st song – Nothing like them.
    2nd song – I love you.

    All the songs are available on YouTube and/or on Epidemic sounds. Go and download if you want.

  2. wasted my 8.40 minutes by waiting for Goa tourist places , stop exhibiting yourself most of the time and fool us.

  3. Behan kyon sa software use karte ho video edit ke liye batao please bhai ?

  4. Worst vlog ever seen suchha boring pffft
    . i dunno wat u trying to put it here sucha lame video no story no information

  5. Can u share some of the goa details… I didn't see anything in this video. Is it goa promo video??

  6. you are absolutely gorgeous Kritika. hi everyone, we(two random Canadian girls) just made our FIRST video!! We would love it if you come over and watch our video. Thank you in advance. 🙂 Much love.

  7. You look like healthier version of Sonam Kapoor…especially from the side face

  8. The only thing I saw is your outfits.. Now you be like haters gonna hate

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