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Ghana Vlog – Final December I travelled again to Ghana; The Motherland. It was an enormous journey for me particularly since I hadn’t been again for nearly 11 years. Hope you guys get pleasure from.



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  1. Please what is the name of the last song?

  2. Wow…poor bride and groom…i hope they didn't see this video…especially hearing there was nothing special to record of their wedding and people didn't get a proper meal while there….ouch!!!!!!

  3. Do you mind sharing you playlists, sis, music was given me straight West African vibes!!!

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing!!!!

  4. How I come Accra ghana big k is coming I'm coming from usa to ghana and get me nice home with nice faithfull big beautiful woman wife 4 life and I will get me ghana residents permit for good.

  5. The last scene in the store with the nice tables and the monopoly game – where is that exactly? Thanks a lot!

  6. I only seen videos where everyone who visits Ghana knows someone who stays there. So my question is, should I go if I don't know anyone.

  7. Loveing the music what the artist name. Mama Africa is a blessing I LOVE in it

  8. Dope video you gave me a lot of insight for my upcoming trip next week

  9. Just got back from ghana and I am already missing it great video

  10. Ghana is an awesome place for those understand Africa. Ghana is a place known for its sense of community and warm national character, where visitors are always welcomed as friends and friends treat you as family.

  11. All the music in this vlog was like wow. I liked video so much, knew subbie. Keep it up, two thumbs up.

  12. Thank you sooooo much, parts of Ghana look like Barbados. can't wait to step foot on that land,Insha Allah.

  13. thank you very much for shooting this!!! i love seeing different parts of the mothe land!!!! beautiful…

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