Gary Arndt on Constructing A Standard Journey Weblog


Gary Arndt runs some of the widespread journey blogs, Every thing In every single place, and we wished to interview him to listen to how he constructed up a following over greater than 10 years of “running a blog”.


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  1. Really interesting interview, but you HAVE to do something about the Skype blips. There were so many instances where he was in the middle of something interesting and then it paused and GARBLEGARBLETECHNOBLURGH. Don't be afraid to pause your speaker, have them repeat it, and make an edit later. A little continuity cut would be way less worse than the garbles.

  2. The most important advice in this interview is to focus on your audience and have their best intentions in mind.

  3. Some great suggestions here, as well as some good confirmation on a couple of ideas I've been meaning to incorporate into the blog. Thanks so much to both of you! 🙂

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