Flying from St Helena to Cape City

This journey to the St. Helena Airport occurred 15 February 2020, earlier than the most important present journey restrictions. This isn’t a time to journey, however as an alternative…please Keep Dwelling! Stick round to the top of the video for a few of my ideas in regards to the state of journey right this moment.

On this video, I will share a bit from “behind the scenes” on the St. Helena airport in addition to some scenes from the flight again to Cape City with Airlink. However the actual star of the present on the flight from St Helena to Cape City was the method at sundown previous Desk Mountain. It was really jaw-dropping.

Watching this method into Cape City from St. Helena – undoubtedly probably the most stunning factor I’ve ever seen from the air – was a possibility to pause and mirror.

I’ve all the time taken nice consolation – even assigned a few of my very own id to the truth that, due to industrial aviation, I can get wherever, anytime, in unbelievable consolation. Producing these movies about St. Helena has been a cathartic course of for me. A reminder of what was doable not too way back.

After all, journey like this isn’t doable now. We’re every doing our half, staying house, washing our palms, sustaining social distance. This stuff are laborious, everyone knows that. We miss being within the sky. We miss what aviation gives – that’s connection. And, beautiful views like this. Views, I’m sorry to say, I didn’t absolutely recognize earlier than this disaster occurred.

Aviation brings the world collectively. A spot like St. Helena – beforehand weeks away – turns into solely a matter of hours from wherever else on the planet. However, now we’re extra aside than we’ve ever been.

We’re separated from our household, our pals, and the remainder of the world. I hope we use this time to rejoice the small moments and to really feel gratitude for what we are able to take pleasure in.

I really feel for everybody who works in journey or individuals who journey for work. Your world has been rocked. These are unusual instances. However we all know this: We all know journey will return. Sure! It will likely be totally different, however it’s going to return. Will journey be what it as soon as was? Will the glamor be gone? I don’t know.

However I’m positive of this: It can come again. People are explorers. We yearn to see the world, to hunt new experiences, to make strangers our pals, to see new locations. Business aviation will make this doable once more.

I look ahead to getting again within the air, to connecting with the world, as quickly because it’s doable to take action. Within the meantime, I’ll proceed posting on this channel with the purpose of bringing a bit of pleasure to you, together with a reminder of what was, and perhaps a prediction or two about what will likely be.

This is Wendover Productions’ Documentary in regards to the Airport:

Right here’s a hyperlink to the unedited take-off and touchdown footage:

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  1. Thank you so much Jeb…1821 / 2021 …200 years Napoleon died…I hope to be able to travel to St Helena in 2021….I always enjoy your trip…Gilles french guy from Paris.reports

  2. Kona on the big island of Hawai'i, with the black lava fields. Beats them all for landing view.

  3. Flying to Velana International was the best window view for sure.

  4. being someone that works on the ramp at Denver international airport im thankful to still have a job in these tough times. its hard sending planes out and seeing them almost empty. but there is light at the end of the tunnel. passenger counts and baggage counts are starting to go back up all though it might take a while. I love the aviation industry working on the ramp and seeing the different aircraft come and go. I how ever have to say my favorite one is owned by delta the airbus A-220.

  5. i heard South african airways was near collapse the same as Virgin Australia

  6. Freedom. We need to get back to normal. We will Jeb!!

  7. Santos Dumont airport in Rio is definitely incredible. Highly recommend it! Especially the first flights of the day, during the sunrise.

  8. Yeah my trip to Rapa Nui is now on hold. Bummer.

  9. Airplane: does go-around
    News Outlets: some scary headlines
    Avgeeks and aviation industry: really…

  10. Don't worry aviation will be fine, it's the cruise industry that sailed off with the captain of the Concordia.

  11. My best window view was the best when i flew into Durban South Africa on the new Game Changer first class suite on A6-EQN it was absolutely amazing

  12. HOw did such a small isolated island afford that airport?

  13. My favourite window view is from the aisle seat. Easier to get to the toilet.

  14. Remember; I met you at the DL Museum Sale… Id Love to have you on My flight w/ DL….

  15. My favourite window views are Geneva,London city,Saint Helena,Saint Marten and Capetown

  16. With the news that South African is now on it's way out of business, going belly up without any hope left to get rescued, I wonder what will happen the flights to & from St. Helena. I wonder if they'll be stuck without flights all over again, or if perhaps another airline like Air Namib may pick up one of the routes, seeing as though they've had some history with flights to and from St. Helena via Windhoek.

  17. I loveeee flying into San Diego sitting on the left hand side of the plane. Downtown, Coronado, it’s amazing.

  18. I've been watching your channel for years, love all your videos but this video I felt!!!!

  19. Thanks for the great video Jeb! The best view I've ever had was of Greenland on a clear day flying IST -> ORD. Probably spent an hour just staring out the window in awe at it.

  20. I haven't flown much, but landing at Reagan National with Washington DC outside my window during "golden hour" was the best view I've had outside my window on a commercial flight.

  21. My favorite window approach is into London City Airport – LCY – in an easterly direction. A glimpse of the Cutty Sark – the old way to travel – the tight turn around the Shard, then the fly-past of Canary Wharf. All this whilst negotiating a steeper than normal decent into this pocket handkerchief airport, and knowing that you've just changed from the western to the eastern hemisphere as you did it.

  22. The thing I am grateful for in these difficult times is Skype without that being 11.500 miles away from my daughter , son in law and grandsons and being unable to go would be unbearable. I look forward to travelling once again to New Zealand.

  23. Hard to beat the final approach into Cape Town but a close second for me would be The Seychelles, I will never forget the fantastic colours in the water as you're about to land!

  24. Table Mountain is even better from the top – walked up. My best experience was watching the Silver Falcons practicing out over the ocean from Camps Bay. Nice trip to take a break from!

  25. First time flying into London after being a huge anglophile all my life. It was in the evening, almost sunset, and suddenly, the Thames came into view in all of its majestic glory, bathed in the setting sun, and surrounded with all the edifices of my dreams. And as Heathrow approach was busy – the Pilot did another pass of this most wonderful of views. Thank you BA…

  26. Wow, that video went down, emotionally speaking, pretty fast. It reminded me to the ending of 24 S1. I think my best window seat view was last month ( on my last flight) – had spectacular weather and views of Tokyo & Mt. Fuji. I think the value of these flight reviews, will perhaps, not be known for some time. When the travel and aviation industry returns to the 'new normal' we can reflect on these videos and have a glimpse of what once was.

  27. I work as a Ramp Agent at YYC and my house is directly under the 17L Approach, we were having a fire last night, and I noticed how quiet. It was with out planes going in and out. I ve seem the difference at work, but actually paying attention to it on the outside and noticing the difference, makes me sad

  28. Jeb, I love your down to earth demeanor. I too can't wait for the days of flying again and am realizing how I took so many of these views and trips for granted. Now that I haven't been on a flight in several weeks I am feeling the withdrawls. It is most definitely an addiction (albeit a good one)

  29. Thanks Jeb, always great to watch your content, brings joy, cant wait to travel again, appreciate it so much more

  30. I've never been on the adventures Jeb has had but my favorite view was landing in Atlanta and touching down the same time another airplane was landing on a parallel runway. Beautiful thing.

  31. I can't decide which window view I liked the best, so here are just a few notable ones:
    BOS-NRT: We flew over northern Canada and Alaska, where I looked out of the window to see the icy terrain and I watched as we crossed the Bering strait between NA and Asia. It was so surreal.
    NRT-BOS: The approach into Boston is my favourite of all time. If I happen to be sitting on the good side of the plane, I'll see the entire city from 10,000 feet up at sunset and never lose sight of it for a second until we touch down.
    BOS-HKG: We flew right over the north pole, and I saw the sun rise on the other side of the world as we climbed in latitude, and just after it broke the horizon, we headed south again over Asia, and the set set for the last time during that trip. It was breathtaking.

  32. As a New Yorker i have a soft spot for the southeastern approach into LGA. And thanks for the words, I’m grateful to have many things but miss traveling so much. <3

  33. please tell me after this Journey you have more trips back logged I don't think I can survive this with out you Jeb
    By trips I mean mini series like this

  34. Great video!! LOVED the motivational speech at the end:) Stay safe Jeb!!

  35. rip south africa airways

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