Flight TUS35 Journey Ukulele Evaluate! Mini journey weblog and Bieber for Sheriff?

Do not be fooled by the scale of this instrument. The Flight TUS35 is tiny but MIGHTY! With sensible design decisions corresponding to a robust neck, again and sides product of ABS, the zero nut, compensated saddle, stable geared tuners, and a rounded again makes this journey ukulele a severe instrument with an awesome tone. This video shouldn’t be sponsored.

Come be a part of me as I check out the Flight TUS35 on a sizzling day on the boat to see if it withstood the recent temperatures and the good outdoor. Thanks to my Instagram followers that gave me some superb inquiries to reply in regards to the Flight TUS35. I play a number of ukuleles facet by facet with the intention to evaluate the tone to different ukuleles made of various tone woods. CORRECTION! The graphic for the Grace VanderWaal Signature ukulele was minimize off. It has a shiny end to seem like walnut, however it’s laminate sapele.

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  1. CORRECTION! The graphic for the Grace VanderWaal Signature ukulele was cut off. It has a glossy finish to look like walnut, but it is laminate sapele.

  2. I have a Ovation guitar, it has a plastic round shape back, top spruce wood, the neck is plastic with a metal fret board, frets and fret board from one single item, purchased it years ago because I didn’t want weather changes to it. So this has been used before. The interesting things about Ovations is they can mathematically predict the sound by slightly changing the round shape back. My model is more bass sounding. Glen Campbell used to play one, well a $$$ model over my circa 1980 $350 one, they lost a little favor because they are a little harder to play sitting down, the round back, given the size of it.

  3. Hello Kate, thanks for your reviews I'm very very new to ukelele (or any other musical instrument) and liked your videos a lot. One thing that is killing me since yesterday and I can't remember: what is the name of the second song you played in the boat? Also do you have a video on how to play it? Thanks so much again!!!!!

  4. Great review, especially the side by side playing. The Flight is surprisingly a good sounding uke. Thanks for posting this.

  5. The sound on it is just as nice as the Grace VanderWall uke (I'm listening with headphones!) and nicer than some of the others, in my opinion. I just wish they'd make one like this in the concert size, as that is the size I most want to play.

  6. I Got a flight ukulele from a store. It is not in tune down the neck. I wrote them and no response. Don't spend your money on something that looks nice but is a polished turd!

  7. do you have issue with slipping( the back part) i do and its really annoying.. keep on thinking way that i can d so it doesnt slides too much.

  8. I love the side-by-side comparison, that was REALLY helpful!!! I always wished I'd have stuck with the ukulele (any stringed instrument, really) when we learned in gradeschool back in the seventies. Pianos are great, but not portable 😉 So, at 55, I just began to learn ukulele again, and am watching you and Bernadette. I just received the Flight TUS35 I bought for my (now 20 months old) grandson. I'll be keeping it a few years yet, breaking it in and all. I'm a beginner player myself, but by the time he's ready to learn I'll be okay.

    Question: Of course I'm having to tune it every five minutes because it's brand-new (they ship them with the strings basically just ON there, apparently, no stretching done at all) and as I tighten the strings, I'm finding the E string is not going to have enough room to tighten much more (it's beginning to overlap the previous wrap, making a second 'layer' if you will). Please tell me I don't have to try to remove that string and trim it a bit shorter so it won't do that any more… What do you think? (and thank you for your help, here if you have time to answer, and for your videos that are so in-depth!)

  9. Another great review. I have learned so much from your reviews. I think this Flight sounds better than any of the ukes you sampled. Just my opinion.

  10. This is the next ukulele I'm going to get. You just convinced me. This was a great review! I can't wait.

  11. As a lefty compensated bridges are usually a no no for me but this seems to have compensation on the 2 outer strings and 2 inner strings, meaning that swapping over and restringing for lefty it will still stay in tune.

  12. how many cm is this ? I have one similiar than this and it is 56 cm , but the normal soprano ukulele is about 55 cm , isn't it?

  13. Thank you for helping in make a choice!!. I hope you can do a review of "FLIGHT TUS40 GRANADA SOPRANO UKULELE". XOXO!

  14. Hello Mrs. DeNure, First off I am an older man set in his ways.While this instrument does have a decent sound,and does have a place in todays world,I doubt that I would spend $50 for it,even with the web site being sold of it at this time.As I said I am set in my ways,and I guess you might call me a traditionalist . I realley enjoyed your review of it,as I do all of your videos,and I have learned a great deal from you.I have 6 stringed instruments with #6 being a solid mahogany electric baritone ukulele,and I just love it,and it is my favorite.and I have you to thank for it.Thank the good Lord for putting you on this earth.Keep up the good work,and God bless.

  15. Hey Katie! I was wondering if I leave my solid wood UKE at home for a month (my family and I are going to Philippines next year) would it be ok? Or will it crack?

  16. That was super helpful how you played your other uke, then the flight, then another uke, then the flight again. Most people don’t do that and it was really helpful thank you!

  17. So helpful! And I agree with you I love how you compared the sound to other ukes. Really it sounded better than a few of them! “Tiny yet mighty”! Love it! And the color!

  18. I actually bought two of these yesterday: I originally intended to buy only one as a gift for the son of a friend who will shortly be nine years old althoughI've no idea if he'll like it enough to want to learn how to play. I wanted to get him something affordable that wouldn't hold him back if he was interested in playing.
    I did notice how sharp the frets felt on some of the other budget instruments that I tried and I didn't realise until I saw your video that this was a common issue with ukes (presumably they are made in hot countries and the wood shrinks). There's definitely nothing protruding on the flight instrument.
    My main reason for buying the Flight Travel uke was the plastic construction. I thought that it might turn out to be more child resistant than the average uke, so it's more likely to still be around on a year or two.
    The top has a matt finish, which I think probably helps with the sound.
    One thing that I didn't notice you mention in the video was the mock grain texture on the neck which might not be to the liking of some people. I also thought that it was strange that, given that it is plastic, the manufacturers should have gone for a fake maple colour on the neck. The fingerboard doesn't feel like plastic at all.
    Having got one for my young friend, I realised that I'd probably end up getting saddled with teaching him the basics and, as I've never even held a uke before yesterday, I thought I'd better try and learn something about them myself so, about thirty minutes later I went back to the shop and got the same model for myself.
    In my case, the child resistance of the instrument was less of an issue so my choice was based purely on the feel (no "razor neck" was a big plus) and the tone of the instrument – although I didn't realise how good the sound was until I saw the comparisons in the video.
    I've had a fun day playing with my new uke (thanks also to the video, I now know that uke arm is something that is not unique to me!). I've already picked up a few chords and have enjoyed strumming away to classics such as "Tonight you belong to me" as well as a few modern 3 chord wonders and I'm getting my head around the standard high g tuning, which really messed with my head when I was trying out the instruments in the store, so hopefully, I should be able to set my young friend in the right direction when I give him his instrument tomorrow.
    Although I put quite a bit of thought into getting this as a gift, in the case of the instrument that I got for myself it was more of an impulse purchase. I have quite large hands and although I find I'm OK at the nut end, I think things would start to feel cramped once I go beyond the 3rd fret. So, if I end up getting interested in the uke, I'd probably end up going for a concert, or even larger scale, instrument but i would probably have to pay a lot more for a larger scale instrument with an equivalent sound.
    So, I'd recommend this for anyone who wants an instrument for traveling, or, an instrument that would stand up to a lot of abuse (ideal for a child taking the instrument to and from school). Because of the surprisingly good sound I'd also recommend this as an instrument for anyone who wants to dip their toes into the water and find out what ukuleles are all about.

  19. So I bought this ukulele and although it's new, it gets way out of tune way more quickly than any of my other ukuleles, in the middle of songs, etc. Can I assume, this will still get better over time?

  20. Thankyou I have been looking at these ukulele,s recently and pondering on weather or not to buy one you have convinced me after listening to the demonstration going for it.

  21. It's hard to judge the sound from the travel clips or from an individual chord. We'd get a better sense of the sound if you had played a short song in studio where you have control of the audio.

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