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  1. Yep you found east Hastings!! NOT a good place to be :)Glad you made it out ok. also it is BC law to wear your helmets.

  2. Awesome work you guys. Super amazing. We are just getting started on our journey's. Hope to see you all one day on this beautiful world. Hugs and love

  3. For the love of God hipsters, STOP SAYING "EPIC" FFS

  4. Way to go you guys! Great videos! I have spent the past 6 months traveling and I am only managed to knock off 32 countries,18 of which were new and 14 repeats. 100 is also my goal but it is so tough – especially when I go to places that are hard to get to like the Canary Islands or the Cook Islands and then find out they do not officially count. as they are part or associated with other countries. LOL – it is a blast all the same. I am up to around 60 with 10 years abroad under my belt. 100 – wow! Well done!

  5. Richmond is now a bigger Asian community than the old fashioned Chinatown. The Canadaline sky train can take people there.

  6. When I heard you were gonna 'drive' to Granville Island I was like, noooooooooo, you're so close just bike it.

  7. That bridge (Lions Gate) is quite the climb if you're outa shape.

  8. @8:14 hahahaha skid skid Skidrow….that's the Vancouvers blackhole… worst day you be there… welfare Wednesday's… ohhhhhhh…

    Welcome to Vancouver…

  9. The two of you are so beautiful together. There is so much love in your eyes when you look at each other. Wow.

  10. Been watching your vids for days now and I just realized I wasn't subscribed omg!!! and I used to live in Vancouver back in my home town here in BC but glad I got to see you here in my favourite city!!!!

  11. It's called the hood of every city.. every city has its own little Hood which means that it's the poor part of the city. Sadly that's what you see it's not considered tourist friendly

  12. Ahaha I’m guessing you just biked down “Hastings”. Notorious

  13. Downtown Hastings, Chinatown, and Gas are like the absolute WORST places in all of Vancouver for the homeless, overdoses, and alcohol….too bad u got the worst of it and didnt get an advanced warning……tbh though, the problem has pretty much stuck around long enough to earn the place a reputation for being particularly sketchy….some other comments I see mention Richmond. Chinatown is not the ideal location if you want to see the Asian influence in Vancouver – go to Richmond because there are some dang REAL Asian cuisines and restaurants out there………just trust me on this cuz I grew up in Vancouver

  14. Is it just me or is everyone just clicking on vids that say Vancouver in them bc u live there

  15. Next time you’re in Canada you should check out Vancouver Island! Ucluelet & Tofino are awesome places to visit!!

  16. Gosh her cycling skills gives me anxiety, but wonderful video

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