First Impressions of Albania – Tirana Journey Vlog

This was our first day in Tirana and listed below are my first impressions of Albania. It is an amazing place to go to and I actually hope to get again there quickly. When you have an opportunity to go to the Balkans, be sure to go to Albania.

That is from a visit I did with my Mum by way of The Balkans in the summertime of 2018. I did not publish them on the time as a result of I wished to make amends for my posting schedule and so I ended up skipping a complete bunch of movies. Now I’ve the possibility to catch up and share them with you!

#Albania #Tirana

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Journey has modified my life and I’ve no plans on stopping any time quickly. That is why I’m now working this video weblog exhibiting you the way I journey the world repeatedly.

in the event you made it this far then let me know within the feedback beneath!


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  1. Really hope England go on to win the World Cup!!
    fingers crossed

  2. You dont have visit the lake, the blloku and other streets of tirana.

  3. Did you visited the terorrist camps? Marijuana production in Lazarat? Or the Yellow house in Nort-Eastern Albanistan, where you can buy any human organ?

  4. That's great you have some old footage to work with, keep 'em comin'! I visited Albania but didn't go to Tirana. Looks like it was worth a day or two.

  5. Love your hard work in your vlogs and how you continou

  6. I visited Durres and Tirana during my two night drive through Albania. I stayed two nights in Durres which was an old Roman and Greek port and stronghold and also an Albanian beach town.

    You really missed out. Albania also has some really great coats on the border with Greece and Corfu.

    Nice video , thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks. I enjoyed the video and the series so far. Look forward to your next video and the series that you are planning for the future. Hope you stay healthy.

  8. Well doon mate and thanks for showing up to the world what albania is like big respect

  9. The country is called NORTH MACEDONIA. If you travel there get the name right.

  10. thank you so much, for visiting my home country many people don't even know it exists if you ever go again PLEASE go to Velipojë its beautiful !!

  11. Thanks for sharing man really great video

  12. We do the same thing during the weddings)) 😀 While driving from point A to point B, all the cars will drive together and honk all the way to point B :)) I actually like this "tradition" ^_^

  13. Was there in 2015 – the starting point of a fascinating three-week road trip that also took in Podgorica and Kotor (Montenegro) Dubrovnik (Croatia), boat trip to Bari and Naples (Italy). Despite all the unfounded warnings for my safety, I found Tirana, especially Downtown, to be really cool against a background of a city struggling to be better – there were quite a few really run-down areas and the Pyramid of Tirana is an example of that. How come I did not get to visit this derelict site. I regret not staying in the country longer to visit the coast and the lakes near Shkoder. Look forward to your future travels …. whenever? I recommend the Radio bar for a drinks venue filled to the rafters with …. radios!

  14. Your mum cracked me up at the beginning! She looked like she was just walking round in circles waiting on you haha!

  15. I went to Shkodër last year. It was my first time in Albania and I loved it. I hope to go back and see more of the country.

  16. I am glad your mother thinks progress is being made.

  17. Thank you for the video of Albania it's been 16 years since I left tirana and never whent back.. I love Albania

  18. Your more then welcome. I will like to suggest go up north and you will love it more. Thanks from an Albania n?

  19. When you been there because have too much tourists in Albania

  20. Really enjoying these trips from the past. In the right context, they are just as interesting as if they happened yesterday. The context for me is that I get to see your stuff that's new to me, while all of us are hunkered down, trying to duck sickness. Hope you're staying off the sauce; it makes you a lot more productive, and me (as an audience) happy too. I had my bout with beer many years ago, and look back on my cutting that consumption as a good milestone in my thinking.

    As an aside, you are at your best when you are partnering up with another. It adds interest and perspective. I hope you're able to pick that up, again. Carry on. Your stuff is valuable.

  21. I LOVED Albania. Spent about 3 weeks there back in 2017. We actually hitchhiked the whole way across the country and into Greece. The people were so friendly and we were picked up by the nicest people. The beaches down south are stunning too, just as nice as Croatia and Greece but everything is way cheaper and it just has such a different feel! There were a lot of people there with old Mercedes cars which was cool! Glad you got to experience it with your Mom!

  22. Thank you Jordan. As Albanian and American dual citizenship i thank you for this video. Happy Easter and God bless.

  23. Albania is a place on the Balkans which took a place in my heart! It is so unique, the people are one of the friendliest I’ve met and food is delicious. Normally I would be there at the moment but everybody knows about the rest of the story… I miss it to travel! Thanks for your insight in your journeys, even if they are from the best. So continue your serious that we can travel in mind with you. Nice regards from Switzerland and stay healthy, David-

  24. Before he knew Croatia would smash his dreams..

  25. Great stuff again mate. Glad to see Tirana has something on offer, as was hard to grab a feel with our one night there and just went to a bar and had a few beers & a bit to eat before heading back to our hotel to catch our flight. Will definitely be heading back to the country to explore at some point in the future.

    Also, I don't if you (or anyone else) found this, but my google maps were completely off, as I spent 20 mins trying to find a sports bar that didn't exist on what my maps said haha.

  26. Great video . Thank you for the kind words about Albania. It's a country that is improving every year. Still a long way to go though.

  27. Jord, words cannot describe how I feel watching these vlogs as it's so bittersweet. My Lord, I can't wait to be able to travel and explore again. Thank you so much for sharing these great vlogs. Happy Easter to you!

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