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Study extra about Fez: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/morocco/the-mediterranean-coast-and-the-rif/fes


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  1. This is such a great video guys thanks. I've loved the city.Let's keep in touch

  2. The country of scam and people trying to swindle you out of your money. We paid for a leather purse way more than it was worth and it started to go purple after a fev days, rotten… Its a shithole avoid it ( and they say its the most civilised and tourism friendly of arabic countries which makes me fear at how shit must the other ones be)

    The hygene of both food sold in the shops and the hotel rooms leaves a lot to ask for. The bedframe was sticky with greasy dirt and the tajins in an "authentic" local place – altho tasty – made my girlfriend sick. I anticipate that they dont realy try to put good meat in them because they overcook them and what you get raely resembles anything distinguishable. But if the meat wasnt fresh your stomatch will notice… Anyway you are by that time already a couple of kilometers away so they dont give a shit.

    Theyl smile at you but you can tell you are a piece of shit idiot to them to be abused and exploited for money. Fuck morroco

  3. Fez — an old and supremely self-confident city that has nothing to prove to anyone. Dynasties and booms have all come and gone in the city’s 1200-year existence, and Fez will be around long after the next fashion has burned itself out.

    This video provides a glimpse inside the city's world famous medina:


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