Faux “Candid” Journey Movies are Driving Me Loopy

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I have been watching loads of journey content material just lately and I’ve found a really unusual area of interest video on instagram. Faux candid movies. Why are they a factor? Why do they assume folks imagine them? And why hasn’t anybody instructed them that it is cringe?

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  1. Does anyone else cringe? Yes!!!! Me! I've been annoyed by these model wannabees in the wild as well. It's so rude when they take over a photo spot and block everyone else's view for wayy to long. They just seem so narcissistic.

  2. Most of these polished travel vlogs follow a pretty standard recipe and it does get very tiresome (and cynical). I enjoy Lost Le Blanc, but only because for all the aspirational polish, great photography, posing and snappy editing, Christian maintains a sense of self-awareness and self-deprecation. He laughs at himself and the ridiculousness of it all, even while turning out a pro-quality video with all the usual travel vlog cliches. When he stops with the sideways fourth-wall-breaking winks to the audience, I'll stop watching him.

  3. Hmm. I am not sure people who follow and watch these fake 'candid' videos a lot think that these videos are real in any sense of the word. They could just be aesthetically pleasing videos to watch (which can get annoying if there are too many of them, that's true). People like to watch pretty (even if fake) things.

    The way that these videos are filmed also leaves us with no doubt that the main focus isn't the travelling, the cultures, the people, or even the place itself. The main focus are the people (AKA influencers) in the photo themselves. The other countries are just the backdrop and background that serves as adornment to their 'brand', which happens to be the influencers themselves. They don't want to be relatable. They /want/ to be the dreams, hence the dream sequence-like feel. They don't interact with the environment as-is, but rather mutate it to suite their brand (like the flowers in the bath tub, pretending to be reading and drinking tea in front of the giraffe). It doesn't appeal to many people clearly, but the aesthetic appeals to enough people that I doubt these sort of fake 'candid' videos will ever stop.

    Just something to think about and maybe it will make you feel less annoyed? I know of some friends/family members who really just go to a place not to enjoy the place but to say that a) they have been there and b) to take fake aesthetic photos. I don't see anything wrong with it as long as they aren't bothering others, destroying the environment, or doing anything bad. It's cringey, I'll admit, but if that's what floats their boat.

  4. A candid photo of my includes: sweat pants, coffee mug, not a single brushed hair, cats.

  5. Why on the earth would you care why other people are doing this? Your videos have been increasingly negative recently. Please do not spread your negative energy while you are in my county – Japan. We do not need the negativity that you exude. UNSUBSCRIBE. Sayonara!!

  6. I agree with you. Those people should make movie like videos then, and not call it travel video. Because it's not about, travel! It's about their dreamy moments of perfection (which is fake, and very specificly planned to be a certain way, and normal life isn't like that). They should make something different, not travel content. Because there is creativity and beauty in what they make, but it's not influencing anyone, and it has barely got anything to do with the realistics of travelling! Ugh. Yeah, i get your cringe haha

  7. Since when in the hell did coffee become kryptonite for the gram?

  8. No you are so right I get a great laugh out of some. Also is the Iam late for my flght but I will still check into the Club lounge as if they would let you in while the aircraft waits ha stay safe and this was a great breath of fresh air see ya

  9. When I'm traveling I'm honestly not even thinking about making something like this. Of course I want to make beautiful pictures, but doing something like this? Hell no. I just want to enjoy that amazing sunset view with my partner without filming or steal 50 other people's view and moment just because I want to make a photoshoot-commercial-like Instagram video. I also really cringe when seeing these videos, it's not making me want to go there tbh. There is absolutely no personality in these kind of videos. They feel more like commercials or, like you said, a Hollywood-kinda thing.

  10. I've literally just unsubbed 5 people yesterday because I couldn't take it anymore. These girls are ridiculous.

  11. I never thought these are candid or meant to be candid videos or am I missing something here? Obvious commercials in my book.

  12. The irony here is that these people are all trying to sell this Boho yoga relaxing aesthetic drinking herbal tea and zenning out in a pool all the while being completely unrelaxed, awkward, and capitalistic.

  13. my favorite travel video is when your friend saw snow for the first time. i have to go find it and watch it a second time 🙂

    EDIT: it's the Nikko video and you told your friend to sing Let It Go while she stepped on the snow

  14. The bit that annoys me about these is that people give them ALLLLLLLL the views, and likes, and watch time, and whatever else they want. Because boobs. Or the idea of boobs. Pisses me off for the people that put a lot of effort into their content but don't get their kit off. The amount of tea is the most real thing though in these….. legit tea was given to me everytime I went or did anything relaxing in Bali!

  15. I asked Oriental Pearl to do a collaboration with you. She said you are a big youtuber and would not bother with a small youtuber like her. She is now on 33K subscribers but her rate of growth is astronomical. A collab between you two will hit 200K views.

  16. This is hilarious. You should do more of this. I don't mind those videos. I know they did it for cinematography and it's cool but it's super unrealistic.

  17. I know these videos and photos are fake af, but I enjoy them and it’s clear that none of this is real…

  18. Definitely prefer "Look at this place" style vs "Look at ME"… (Informative vs Vapid)
    I'll visit a place based on what a down-to-earth (reality-ish) video from someone who cares has taken the time to show why the place is interesting…
    Real budget travel is showing the overnight bus instead of Shinkansen, the kei car size minivan you slept in instead of a Camper van or hotel…

    Inform people it was a "Sponsored offer" and not reality (show pricing??), people will be OK in seeing what is possible…

  19. Yes, they are definitely cringe worthy………it is all about being fake.
    The same thing happens in photography, with over processed photos. It’s all just fake……

  20. God the cringe is too strong. But the worst part is so many of the young generation just lapping it up and having their self-esteem and mental health destroyed in the process from obsessing over this crap!

  21. Not even 1minute into the video and I’m dyinnng

  22. These travelers who strive for perfectionism in videos like these are examples of dwelling in the uncanny valley.

  23. I would love to hear your take on how the scenery/ image dynamics in travel videos are manipulated to appear unrealistic and "perfect". They look soo perfect such that you can easily be disappointed when you visit the exact same space yourself. It happened to me quite a few times. Curious enough this doesn't seem to be the case for videos about Japan and Japanese landmarks.

  24. Jejejeh, nailed it. I have a similar reaction with ads.

  25. I'm not on instagram and haven't ever seen that type of video, but this was hilarious!

  26. I want to see these cringy, topless videos

  27. Ooh, that’s it, the complete lack of enthusiasm. I can get not being an expressive person but the whole look at ME in this place only works if you’ve got the personality to go with it.

  28. "i get such a kick out of this." your facial expression says it all, hannah. another rx for quarantine. <3

  29. I've seen some "dreamy", slow-motion Instagram videos with the giraffe at the hotel, but people in the videos were looking or feeding (at) the giraffe, but still cringe af.

  30. These kinds of videos should be left for movies. The theatrics of it all somehow ruins the aura. Also to the point where some would imitate them. I don't know. The personal experience, loses its authenticity that way.

  31. My God, she lost it on this one… The problem with trying to get perfection is that: TRYING!!!

  32. Well this must be one of your most genuine videos ever…. i love it xD

  33. That guy taking red dressed woman's hand TOTALLY stood on the dress. Unless he was floating… In that case, SHOW ME FLYING HAND DUDE!!!

  34. The brutality is just so ooo profound. Don't worry Hannah, I've been quietly cringing myself and I can't describe what my mind was saying every time I see the voyeurism on these "influences". Maybe we can do this together for fun one day

  35. Travel content should never be a flex. You're absolutely right, and the relatability of your experience is why I follow you.

  36. Did that giraffe nibble on their food?? (good job, giraffe.)

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