My Egyptian adventures proceed. I went down laborious while skateboarding on a bridge over The Nile River. At the present time was a really random day however it was additionally a really enjoyable day. Thanks for watching vlog #57. Recognize your help!

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  1. That's why I don't buy Iphone anymore…. same

  2. Your bit on the iPhone software was pretty funny. I have been binging ALL of your videos. Going playlist by playlist. I'm a bit under 20 countries, you're an inspiration

  3. I really like that you understood the situation and what we have been through as country at this rough time.
    always welcome in Egypt , glad you enjoyed 🙂

  4. Egypt is awesome. fuck iphone though

  5. I've been to Cairo five times mate, last two times i dared to drive cars there. Adventure of my life!

  6. Egypt is more developed then India? Bro you prob saw only 1 percent of India, India has a way larger GDP, contributes way more to the world then most counties and has huge and devolved infrastructure, you haven’t even seen 90 percent of the cities, go to Punjab for example, it’s so developed, most of the cites are well built up and that’s only ONE state

  7. What i can see its much better than Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada.

  8. I absolutely love that you understand about the Media and how they are literally painting entire countries in negative strokes. Thank you. You've earned a subscribe from me.

  9. Your country is shape is flifol ghost iloumnunati

  10. So true Apple ia just one big scam. Plus Egypt looks amazing.

  11. Too much use of the car horns… where i live its very rare someone will use the horn

  12. I find it funny when foreigners talk about are traffic in Egypt

  13. You said NOTHING about Cairo!!!! Talking all that shit about Apple and Egyptian media propaganda! FUCK OUTTA HERE!

  14. Love your Vlog I'm your fan now. You can visit me to Bangkok Thailand.

  15. I looked art this hoping it would show Egypt, and I was disappointed to see its all just shots of you. You kept complaining about the traffic — maybe you live in a deserted area where there are no cars, if the traffic in Egypt shocks you that much.

  16. My family went to egypt and they loved it

  17. LMAO, that edit in the end is absolutely hilarious!!

  18. You realize you look like a beafsteak of raw meat in a cage with 100 wildcats? You do, don't you? Alright.

  19. Looks just FILTHY. Reminds me of Casablanca. Unlivable.

  20. Excellent video recording and editing. I am sure with your personality you will have no problem at all staying in Egypt. You are right the internet is sadly the worst thing in Egypt. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I went for a visit back home and was shocked at the bad internet.

  21. it says 9 milion people but it is actully 97 mlion people

  22. You're a cool dude, extremely humble and understanding. Try visiting Egypt a couple more times and trust me, every experience will be different 🙂
    Fuck Apple

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