Etihad Airways A380 First Class Residence from Paris to Abu Dhabi (AMAZING!)

Be a part of me on this elegant flight in First Class onboard an Etihad Airways Airbus A380 from Paris (France) to Abu Dhabi (UAE).

I’ll publish a evaluation of this flight this Wednesday on my journey weblog:

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  1. Shouldn't these seats be called com-partments instead of a-partments? Just wondering.

  2. Great video
    Best thing for nervousness is diazepam and champagne
    Always works

  3. no one should be flying right now. my there are ppl with immune disorders out there that could die bc someone who might have corona virus might not be showing symptoms and pass it on to ppl like my mom. just think about that for a second

  4. Tof dat ze Leffe Blond op de kaar hebben staan. En dat heineken er niet bij stond 🙂

  5. Never have understood the stink about food on airliners. Regardless of seating class I've usually declined any food, preferring to eat before and after flights. I don't expect airliners to duplicate fine restaurants; they never can. Likewise, they can't duplicate fine hotels, either. But the space on a flight like this (even though the antisocial side is creepy) is probably delightful. Just keep the swag and crap.

  6. They removed the screens on economy and some business
    I dont like that

  7. Hey @luxurytravelexpert just one question….what is the difference between Etihad's Apartments and the Residence?

  8. No wonder airbus stopped production of the A380 …. airlines cant fill it up! It's to big, what a shame we could of had the 747 a few extra years : (

  9. What do you mean by "second largest airport"? you forgot to add by pax traffic, because by area Budapest Airport is larger than Heathrow…

  10. 12:39 Apparently (or rather, 'evidently') this aircraft comes equipped with a mirror for men to admire their manhoods 🙂 Nice!

  11. I suppose Coronavirus hasn't yet hit that airport?

  12. 19.19 you're a nervous flyer? That's like hiring a lifegaurd that can't swim. I guess all the champagne takes the edge off right? 🙂

  13. Turbulace is a scary thing. I clinch the seat hard and avoid looking out of window. Thats better way of easing the time it lasts.
    Superb video. Liked it very much.

  14. since I've lost my pounch at aircraft I don't believe Etihad again.

  15. That turbulence nearly gave me an anxiety attack from my completely stationary desk

  16. When I saw some of the amenities you displayed start to shake, I knew we were in for a bumpy ride ahead. I used to grip the arm rests during turbulence, but the older I get, the less it frightens me.That's not to say turbulence isn't bothersome. On a flight from SFO to CDG we had about a half-hour of turbulence. I had to tighten my bra straps 🙂 (Forgive me, Dr. LTE, but it's true). It will be interesting to see how this pandemic affects the flight industry. I have this fear that the only remaining US airline will be United 🙁

  17. I have not flown Etihad yet but I am going to fly the first class at the end of august from Washington Dulles to Abu Dhabi this is on the 787-9 but I heard both the a380 and 787 design are the same it is just the amount of space and the shower that are different. Overall this was a great review and I look forward to trying out this amazing product very soon

  18. My father was a pilot and took me to fly with him approx 100 times before i was fifteen on different aircrafts, including acrobatics:)
    Fully developed spin freaked me out a bit when i was thirteen or something, but it was still kinda fun same way amusement park rollercoaster ride is.

    I have no fear of flying whatsoever propably because of those experiences.

  19. I enjoy your trip reports very much. I do have a question for you. Do you use a pre-recoreded audio track in your reports during the boarding process? If so, is that done because of background music copyright infringement issues? Thanks again for this very revealing look into Etihad's Apartment, and I look forward to the next one!

  20. I wonder how many takes did you made with this video to dodge the reflective TV screen haha
    Congrats on the 500K

  21. Can I know the video editing program you are using please? Also,  I appreciate the slow panning…Very well made videos, very soothing ! Thank you!

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