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As we speak we’re speaking about TRAVEL and now we have three questions for you :
1 – The place will you journey regionally (in your city) publish COVID?
2 – What’s one trip/journey you are engaged on planning?
3 – The place would you go if cash had been no object (dream trip!)?

Drop your solutions within the feedback under! 🙂


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  1. We want to get inspired by your travel plans and ideas! If you haven't already, answer the 3 questions we're asking about travel today:

    1 – Where will you travel locally (in your town) post COVID?
    2 – What is one vacation/trip you're working on planning?
    3 – Where would you go if money were no object (dream vacation!)?

  2. Great to see you guys! Fun to hang out with you while drinking my morning coffee. I too have a mixed up sleep schedule right now. You are not alone! I love Washington State also. My travel plans, anywhere lol. Well, probably the Keewanau Penninsula, northern Michigan!

  3. You should have live chat just for planning the California adventure — all your Cali peeps/patrons could help 🙂

  4. I've been to Africa, Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Canada, Ireland, Holland, the UK, West Indies, and Mexico. (Prague, Czech Republic was hands down, bar none, my favorite place in the world!) Internationally, I'm pretty content if I never go overseas again although I'd love to experience Japan sometime. Once I get in my van, I'll be totally content to spend the rest of my life s.l.o.w.l.y traveling the US and Canada.

  5. I would highly advise against a personalized license plate. I've seen countless videos from YouTubers who have learned that when subscribers see your personalized license plate, that they consider it an automatic invitation to knock on your van. And, given that not all subscribers are, shall we say, lovely people…

  6. LOTR marathon?! I did that once (extended version with NO breaks) and swore I'd never do it again! My eyes were killing me by the time it was over. Fun Fact: The last time I went to a movie theater? When the third part of the LOTR trilogy came out in 2003.

  7. Hi to y’all in Savannah from us in Hilton Head. Loving this beautiful spring weather we’re having! Kramer doesn’t realize he’s the star of the show. lol

  8. Sorry I missed the Live Feed. So much stress right now I don't know who I am anymore. It's always nice to have a video from you though! Here are my three answers today.

    1. A mom-n-pop breakfast diner three blocks from my apartment. It's in a very old, very small house that only has bar seating for 10 people. It's always busy, always better than homemade, and always cheap. Here's what it looks like, though it's recently been painted since:

    2. None. I'm working on getting into van life ASAP.

    3. If money were no object and the world was a perfect place, I would take an Around The World cruise for one year. The idea of having breakfast in Italy and then lunch in Greece sounds wonderful! To have all that down time to concentrate on the things that are important to me sounds great! And then, on the ship, to never have to cook, do dishes, clean anything, and basically be waited on hand and foot… I'd like to know what that feels like just once! I'm usually the one on the other end of that scenario. The other option in this category for me would be to be isolated in a small log cabin in the mountains. If I weren't pursuing van life, I'd be pursuing a homestead with a small cabin, a garden, a stream, a horse, chickens… <— heaven on earth to me.

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