EMPTY AIRPORTS & EMPTY FLIGHTS! The top of Journey? Tour of MIA throughout COVID-19

Home journey and worldwide journey have nearly disappeared throughout the COVID-19 disaster. Journey restrictions and social distancing have crippled the journey and tourism business past imagine. This video exhibits a tour of Miami Worldwide Airport within the first week of Might, 2020. It’s a unhappy view of how our financial system is plummeting because of the Coronavirus.

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  1. I was just at the Miami airport in January/February right before this began in the US and it was busy as ever ! Definitely this is not how I saw it ! I think domestic travel will resume when it's safe but international travel will take time

  2. Thanks for the great video. Very sad what’s happening with the travel industry and economy. Did you buy a ticket to get in the terminal?

  3. I am so sad, what has happened to our world. Forget about the pandemic and the economic impact for a moment and look at how we, as a human race have treated this planet. Viruses, plaques, global warming are the consequences of our actions. We are just starting to pay a price for our destructive behavior and unfortunately when this gets better, we will go right back doing what we were.

  4. Great video Alex, how did you get inside the gate area, you did travel that day? But then you go back to your car at the end of the video, confusing. Did you just take a short trip somewhere the same day?

  5. This is the scariest situation we have ever been in. I think many people are still not realizing that the economic outfall has not fully begun yet. The stimulus that world governments have issued is just a temporary bandage.

  6. Catasthropic !! Now the economic impact on the tourism industry is already more severe than 9-11 and the 2008 recession, combined. Unimaginable !!

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