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On this video Cait shares her perspective on what it is wish to drive and off highway with a truck camper.  After 6 months and 15,000 miles of full-time truck camper use we’re reflecting on a number of the good and dangerous issues about driving a truck camper and evaluating it with different kinds of RV’s we’ve got owned and operated like journey trailers, motorhomes and fifth wheels.   Whereas we didn’t do any excessive off-roading with the truck camper we went many extra locations than we’ve got ever gone with different kinds of rigs and share our ideas on off-roading with a truck camper as effectively. 

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  1. As someone who has put 130K miles on their Lance in the last 14 years, including an Alaska trip, thumbs up on your advice! 🙂

  2. Great video, thinking about buying a truck camper. This was helpful info. Thanks for sharing. Definitely moving toward a truck camper.

  3. Thanks for sharing as always. It was very well done and I am certain that it answered a lot of questions that folks have about a truck camper. I am certain that when my ship comes in…and it's coming…I will drive a few miles away and begin looking ata truck camper! I like that you can just drop it and go explore and then come back to it.

  4. As usual, high quality video, stellar scenery, very thorough information. Love your posts! Wish you all the best! Keep them coming!

  5. Unsolicited advise from a long time Florida mud bogger: If you wait until you're stuck to shift into 4 wheel drive it may likely be too late. Shift first, ask questions later! Truck campers rock!

  6. Great points – I have a Northern Lite truck camper and spend a lot of time off road traveling. Couple of things. Stable loads work really well to eliminate the sway associated with carrying a TC. These are great because they attache directly to your leaf springs and you can disengage them with a quick turn of a wrench if you have the camper off and want to return to factory ride. Single rear wheels are definitely better for off road for the reasons you pointed out and the fact that duelly's do poorly in snow and mud because of the way the rear tires track the front ones. I have the highest rated sidewalls I can buy in my tire size…remember that if you air down a tire, you weaken the side walls…their ratings come from being inflated to the recommend PSI. Tire repair kit and air compressor a must for off road. Really enjoyed the quality of your vids…thanks for sharing.

  7. Very professional, articulate and helpful video. Great job!

  8. Thank you for you excellent analysis of driving a truck camper! Our experience was that the biggest issue was the issue of the camper moving around in the truck bed when subjected to undulating roads and speed humps. You do need to be particularly cautious with this aspect. Corrugated roads also would present issues. However, I would thoroughly recommend the truck camper experience. Thanks for your great videos! The Alaska series was outstanding!

  9. Excellent video. No fluff just good info. Straightforward and to the point. As a new truck camper owner, Ram 2500 w/Cirrus 720, this was very helpful. Thanks!!

  10. Thank you for an informative, professional intro to truck camping. You touched on just about everything I had questions about but not many videos address. We all aren't pros at this and learning about the basics was very helpful. Especially liked your comments about understanding the limitations of a large camper on a dual wheel truck when thinking about going "off road". Great job!

  11. 1:05 Right. I used to haul fuel, 5,000+ gallons. At the end of a shift, I would jump into my Raptor and it would feel like driving a Ferrari. 10:50 reminds me of hauling fuel or liquids in general. You could almost get sea sick once that liquid started sloshing around but you get used to it and learn ways of managing it. Anyhow, I'm seriously considering an RV and found this video extremely helpful! Thx.

  12. Sure looks like a great way to travel, and WAY easier than your larger 5th wheel. Great Video!

  13. Lance 845 tc here. About the best advice i can give is don't go big on truck campers. They were made truck campers for a reason…..and the reason wasn't to be huge, heavy and destroy your truck.

    The reason is to get you to places you typically can't get to with larger towable campers. After all it's all about the destination.

  14. When I saw that initial two episodes of The RVers watching Peter teaching you how to drive a Class A, I said out loud, "She has a dually diesel with a big fifth wheel behind it. She doesn't need any lessons. She should be teaching a true novice." You and Tom are very capable people and you demonstrate that continuously. Being a retired electrical engineer, I relate to a lot of what Tom says when he is trying to put it in terms the uninitiated would understand. Enjoy your travels. Don't park where there are lots of porcupines. Enjoy your next excursion!! Wishing you the best!!!

  15. Your videos are always top notch, informative, and fun.

  16. Drove over 500,000 mls on my truck/camper attachment. Not built for off road. Camper has over 1,000 screws which can come loose, plus glues, silicone, etc can not withstand the bounce. I have the frame uplifted, 26 leaf springs total. Overhead bunk is not good for seniors, easy to have accident and fall. RVing for some seniors is difficult task. Canada/Alaskan roads are hard on units, lots of pot holes and rain comes pouring down and wets every sq in of unit. Canada does have some quaint personal campsites, some best in world.

  17. Thank you for the Go North Adventure I found myself looking forward to each video.

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