Don’t Go to Now – Interval (Japan Journey Replace)

Fast journey replace for guests considering of coming to Japan. Clearly, the writing is on the wall. This isn’t a time to journey – anyplace. For those who’re touring, you’ll have some powerful selections. If not now, they’re coming quickly. I’ll maintain you updated. On a cheerful notice, the Cherry blossoms are right here!

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The place was this? MAP: (Tsukuda Park)


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  1. Please all, I made this to sort of put an end to the "Should you travel / cancel?" series because I have felt the pressure of people who had to make a decision. The decision is pretty much made for you now – do not travel at this time. Those that came recently, listen closely to the news and start considering what your next step is now. Note: the live stream ends abruptly because the YouTube app crashed. I'll be live again soon with more info. Note: It's not SHIMBUN (Newspaper) Day but Syunbun Day (Spring!) LOL – sounds so similar!! Well, I got that corrected!
    Thanks for joining me today! See you soon. John

  2. Honestly the US is not smart, period. I live in Pa and no one is taking lock down seriously enough. I am still required to work and thats fine but people who are not need to stay home. I see people come into where I work just to talk and goof around. Even bringing there kids that are coughing and sick. We also have associates that are above the age of 60 and are more at risk for this sickness yet people don't care. Its honestly horrible and something needs to be done about it. I am not afraid of dying from it but I am at least considerate enough to try and prevent people who can die from it. If people would just listen to the self quarantine we as a whole would get past this faster.

  3. What a petty video to be complaining about people on the otherside of the world about going outside because they dont want the "olympic" to be cancelled. Talk about selfish.

  4. I emailed my travel agent yesterday and luckily with trip insurance and holding off on my flights, I have decided that I will reschedule maybe in September. The company I booked with will change the dates at not cost so I’m happy about that. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!

  5. 4:10 new trend of fashion, or just a shading issue???
    BTW, I heard … "she is beautiful"…

  6. Man im glad i went last summer ! S/o to this guy for this video, his other vids also helped me find my way to the kensei bus stop to go back to narita & quick fast food to eat like matsuya.

  7. dont see any media from japanese doctors,nurses or hospitals.
    are they too scare to be a whistleblower?

  8. In my opinion, culture and education is 80-90% of the equation to solve all social problems…

  9. So what do you think of Olympic may postponing to possibly next year. I think it is good idea(?) Canadian team has cancelled. I know PM wants to host but safety comes first in this scenario. Unless somehow this chaos stops or R&D teams around the world develops vaccines. Anyway, thank you for fun video clips.

  10. Kids in Japan are going out to in Harajuku and other places. The curve in Japan is flatter because they don’t test ! Even Narita doesn’t check as much as Hong Kong. Wanting to go forward with the olympics is selfish.

  11. That disaster will be vanish soon, may God will grant my wish. I will go there as soon as possible 😀

  12. 9:20 Yeah ! can't have Olympics without the rest of countries !
    Similar in 1940 Olympics that japan did have war(yet) but most other big countries had and so …..
    Let's hope this time to only get postponed

  13. Americans on Spring Break, I understand your frustration, I'm Australian living in China and watched news reports of people partying on Bondi Beach in Sydney.. it's frustrating when you live in a country where you ave learned 'this is real, and we all have a social responsibility. It's simply nasty for people people who think they are somehow untouchable to ignore social instructions/restrictions. We are in this together. Let's remember you are not alone in this, each one of us is at threat.

  14. Japan isn’t testing people. Hard to have an outbreak when they’ve stopped testing people. I get that adults don’t touch, but the yochien sand hoikuens are still open and that age is like a giant Petri dish. Sick (REALLY SICK) kids get sent to school every day. I just don’t trust the numbers.

  15. Diversity creates low trust societies, and certain cultures are less likely to follow directions, add lower average iq's and you have a mess. The culture of masking is simply very awkward in the west, its not seen as a courtesy but marking you out as perhaps diseased, so I didn't see consistent masking until the quarantines were well under way. Social distancing/personal space isn't that consistent since the west is drive alone, while japan packs them in on the trains, but neither is bad as Italy where personal space isn't much of a thing.

    There is less sense of social obligation in the us, its given way to entitlement. If everyone is an american, no one is an american, the nation becomes a rental car, and is treated with just that much care.

  16. John, do you have any recommendations for travellers who are already stuck in Japan due to cancelled flights? A shared house or extended stay? Any recommended areas?

  17. Who else to blame but China.

  18. Yes, halt all travels. There’s a time for everything. Be wise and do what is appropriate and you’ll reap more out of this beautiful life.

  19. I'm still here. Ppl want me to come back early. I won't be leaving until march 31st tho, if I still can. I have one friend coming this week from jarkata

  20. Thank you so very much for your post.
    My son and I where going to travel to Japan which we both ❤️ very much!
    We decided to cancel our trip over 3 weeks ago. I pray that everyone stay healthy and safe. Believe that GOD can do miracles and believe in JESUS CHRIST!!!

  21. Ok, this should apply to everything you do in life, every decision you make: Don't only think of yourself, but how it impacts others. The question isn't just "Is it safe for ME to go the Japan?", but "Is my going a benefit to Japan? What if I am inadvertently bringing more virus or other stress to THEM?" It's the same question you should be asking yourself no matter whose home you're thinking of visiting right now during this crisis.

  22. Interesting report on hospital not being overly crowded. If that’s true then it’s believable.

  23. I was just watching another YouTuber live stream showing the exact opposite of Japan. Extreme crowds and people partying. More than one YouTuber has showed the people of Japan being just as irresponsible as Americans. It makes people from other countries think the same thoughts as you did when you saw people on the beach in Florida; Looks like some Japanese people could care less. Those are the images we see when we say cancel the Olympics.

  24. This guy never gets to the point. Talks too much in every video, I always have to cut the video short because he never gets to the point. There is such a thing as editing your videos to cut out the unnecessary. Sorry, just saying.

  25. If the travel restrictions are lifted in a few months would you encourage people to travel to Japan? Great videos.

  26. Seriously! What’s the point of making an hour long video when people don’t travel anymore! Airports are closed all over the world! I am a cabin crew and we are out of work for at least 6-8 months ! I don’t think it’s appropriate to do such videos now! Stay home!

  27. We just returned from Japan on 17 Mar – supposed to be 16th but SIA rescheduled it to a day later. I agree that it’s risky to be travelling during this period as flights can suddenly be cancelled and you may find yourself stranded. SO unless you have tons of money to burn in japan if quarantined or waiting for a flight out, it’s best to wait. It’s a nightmare for those tourists stuck without being able to return home especially with expenses adding up in the foreign country.

    On the day before we were to return to Singapore, we read the news that everyone returning from certain countries including Japan would have to be served a compulsory STAY AT HOME NOTICE for 14 days. Severe penalties if we flout that and spot checks are made during the day. So far they spot check on us 3X a day (via sms where you need to report your location via GPS). Thankfully we don’t need to go to work so the compulsory staycation at home is not that bad. Online deliveries are possible for our groceries and food, so very appreciative for all those who keep these going.

    The regulation is now adjusted to include the 14 day quarantine for all coming to Singapore from any country. Very thankful for our leaders and healthcare workers who are trying their best to deal with this situation.

    I know it’s really great to be able to sight see without all the crowds in Japan and we honestly had such a serene and peaceful time in the Izu Peninsula. The fresh air from the ocean was crisp, clean and great. We ate mainly in the ryokans and simply enjoyed the private onsen. Being in the countryside was really nice.

    When taking the Shinkansen or Limited Express, we wiped all the arm rests and buttons with our alcohol wipes (including the plane). I use a tissue to open toilet doors etc. Washing hands for 20 secs with soap (singing Happy Birthday twice is around 20 secs). I think little habits like these will help. You see it exploding elsewhere because people are taking hygiene habits too lightly & their medical facilities are swamped.

    However, having returned to Nagoya city (we flew into Nagoya rather than Narita/Haneda) – we had to be very vigilant about not touching surfaces unnecessarily, wearing a mask when needed etc. Frankly it was relief to be able to make it home and not get stranded because of the extra costs that would add up.

    Japanese people basically practise good healthy hygiene habits and are more conscious about wearing masks etc. I do have to say how nice to see the locals being able to enjoy their cherry blossoms without being crowded out, for a change. Even if Sakura parties are discouraged, at least they can simply stroll along, (whilst practicing social distancing) and have peace and quiet for a change. So inspite of the virus situation, I think it’s cool for the locals to be able to get a little more space for a change. As for whether the number of infections are correct, it’s hard to tell since many are not being tested. Nevertheless, it’s still basically cleaner in Japan compared to many other countries.

    John, I definitely agree you stay put in Japan. Thanks for your updates. Stay safe and take care.

  28. Japan has no spike in cases however the rest of the world is suffering and dying..

  29. John, the case with Japan having a low number of infected people is just not right! Austria (8 million people) has done more tests than Japan (over 100 million) with the 20th of March. So the number in Japan can't the seen as the real number of infected people, there're are many more with it not tested.

  30. I have 2 close friends in Japan who have had all the symptoms of COVID-19 and were denied testing from their doctors/hospitals. Even after repeat visits and when symptoms got worse. Now I am hearing there are many others who have had the same experience, and being denied testing.

    Japan is letting it spread. Many schools have already reopened, none of the malls or cinemas near me have closed, people still hang out in groups and go bar hopping and this idea of social distancing in Japan is a joke. Students and friends are sharing food and beverages, playgrounds are open, I could go on.

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