Only a informal dwell chat with you all so I do not go insane throughout quarantine, haha! Answering questions concerning the Coronavirus, upcoming journey plans, and FMK.


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  1. I’m so happy to see you safe and healthy. We just got back from 67 days of travel, including Tao in Philippines because of your YouTube upload that we watched many times. We look forward to all your vids. Be safe.

  2. Gareth, you mentioned about getting Super Chats while live on You tube. There is a very helpful video on You tube entitled "How to enable Super Chats in You Tube." Hope this helps you get Super chats.

  3. Great Live Stream. Sorry to have missed it live.

  4. Hope everything is good in you area. From NC.

  5. Someone should tell to the American younger generation. If they think they can still go out there enjoy life during this COVID-19 crisis time, they don't care about getting sick. If they think this is part of American liberal culture, that is very wrong and selfish. If you are sick, you will take the bed and lots of attentions from the hospital workers. If you are sick, that means lots of elderly and people with serious illness can not get the regular medical attention. That means if lots of younger ones get sick, your grandma, grandpa may have to wait longer to get cured. Or even worse, they may get COVID 19 virus infection in a not controlled hospital. That means your sister or mom may have to deliver baby in fears, worrying about getting infected. Just think for others, don't build your happiness on other people's pain.

  6. cool video keep up the amazing work

  7. thanks for chatting with us 🙂

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