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That is our first journey as an organization to Computex! We’ll be running a blog concerning the journey courtesy of Western Digital, Corsair Vengeance, and NCIX. Please take a while to take a look at our sponsors under!

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  1. Now that I look at it, Edzel do look the most chinese among the group.

  2. slick looked like he was getting a mugshot 😉

  3. oh man i've tried the stinky tofu before…and it sure smells stinky

  4. Marinekingprime was HUGE In sc1 mainly for his micro, I wish I worked here hahaha

  5. I was excited to see rifles. But I'm okay with airsoft.

  6. They should have pink ak47s as a don't ask don't tell campain.

  7. Whoever thinks they are real guns those are air soft guns that shoot 6mm plastic bb's

  8. No, a 1996 Australian Conservative Government(Howard) that Introduced Australian Gun Control Measures

    The Bill was debated and passed after the Government took action after the worst Massacres in our History (Port Arthur)

  9. Put your fingers in your Ears and say La La La while the world moves forward with Gun Control 😀

  10. Well I wonder if they ever will wash my feet … cause they re sick …

  11. 3:40 Only $150??? Is that gun real or not? I thought they went for atleast $1000.

  12. 5:55 For those who do not know, tasteless and artosis are SC2 casters.

  13. I understand that, I'm from Vietnam they do the exact same thing too. You can actually bargain with them. I was interested in a watch at this tourist market in Saigon that they said was $100. I bargained it down to $20 and bought it. Walked to the other side of the market, saw the same exact one and the lady said she'd sell it to me for $10.

  14. Gotta keep in mind he was in a touristic zone lol.. All prices are infklated no matter the country. I went to canadawonderland 10 years ago and the botle of coke was 3$, its gotta be 5$ now at least.

  15. What camera and mic did you use for this, Linus?

  16. That gun is $150?!?!?! Bullshyt. I bet we could get it down like $25

  17. LoL!
    Who's dancing at the end there?

  18. Well I was brought up in a mostly anti-gun environment. Here in central Europe it's not common for people to have guns, gun rights are being cut down more and more and the majority of people don't get why anyone would want to own a gun. Because of that I used to have a more anti-gun opinion. But thanks to the internet and especially Youtube, I got to know the arguments of the other side. Now I'm pretty pro gun, because the arguments were simply more convincing. People can change their opinion 😉

  19. It's useless arguing with anti-gunners. I tell myself not to all the time but sometimes I can't help myself. Anyway, they never get.

  20. To protect ourselves. We accept our personal safety as our own responsibility and don't rely on the police to protect us. Also, to ensure our freedoms.

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