Chongqing, China: China's Hidden Journey Gem

Chongqing is a metropolis in China identified for its hills, fog, and spicy meals. It is type of like Hong Kong, however with a way more laid-back vibe that’s attribute of the Sichuan basin area. I went right here with a couple of pals and determined to make this little journey vlog. Hope you get pleasure from!

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  1. Hey, you! It'd be awfully kind of you to give this video a 'thumbs up' (you don't have to if you don't want to). Anyway, if you're planning a trip to Chongqing, I hope this video helps! Thanks for watching.

  2. I want to apply in university of hongqing for Chinese Scholarship Government.
    Mathematics … Dynamical Systems and Geometry
    Very nice city … So beautiful
    Someone here from this City ??

  3. those western media really need to update their views…i am a ordinary chinese and i am currently study abroad in austria, and i never feel any difference between us and the western world…

  4. the bgm of the last part is espevially enjoyable. love it.

  5. Your lucky to visit the biggest city on earth

  6. Hey my Friend,I just discover your channel and I love Chongqing,and I love China.All that graffiti art looks cool,but I am a computer graphic artist,someday I will visit Chongqing and show some of my Art designs.

  7. Welcome to my hometown, Chongqing!

  8. Glad to see the place where i was born and grew up is loved by more people, really appreciate this video for bringing out the beauty of Chongqing

  9. I love it.the beautiful city i have left about 4 months. l miss you so much,love you china,when i go abroad i recognize how important you are! i love you!China

  10. the most populated city in the world and I am 90% most people haven't even heard of it.

  11. 重庆才不落后呢 好吧最近是有点落后

  12. My Mom Is In Chongqing And He's A Helper I'm Happy I See My Mom's City

  13. Chongqing city looks very interesting!

  14. Wow I like Chongqing it's so nice there even the train goes in the apartment so when I wake up in the morning I could see of train pass in my window if I'm Chinese

  15. thanks for introducing my hometown

  16. China is so fascinating! Would love to visit it some day.

  17. Grandma's saying, bring one home alright! She wanted to give u one of those ropes! Chinese (even cops) are always so nice and warm, that's what made me love China.

  18. diaoyu city actually saved europe, diaoyu battle in end of song dynasty killed mongol grand khan menge , which caused cancellation of invasion of europe by mongols, all princes of mongol and their army stop invading towards western europe while they already conquered eastern europe at the time, they all went back to china to try sieze the crown of empire of mongol

  19. 钓鱼城改变了世界格局,间接帮助了欧洲

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