First Ever touring vlog to Cancun, Mexico for my buddy Heathers birthday, Take pleasure in!(:

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I just discovered your channel so have been looking at the cool videos. I am unable to get out & about due to ill health so it was wonderful to see your vlog and all the amazing things you saw & did together. I realise this was posted a while ago but glad your friend had a great birthday! Have always wanted to go there but never had chance before I got ill. It looks so wonderful. Many thanks to you❤️

  2. That part of when thy went inside to see turtles was from a show called reto 4 elementos

  3. Great video check out our vlog in Mexico with my friends and I! We are a small YouTube channel trying to reach 500 subscribers!

  4. What do you use to record under the water a phone if yes what type?

  5. That is an F-ING TON of fake… fake lips, fake butt, fake eyelashes, fake tits… OMFG. Can you stay in Mexico please?

  6. Really boring. There are a lot of people with better videos about travelling

  7. What video editing software do you use? Love your vlogs!!

  8. Why would you pay for a nose job and ask for it to be like Michael Jackson's?

  9. finally catching up on your vlogs today love!! <3 <3 love the way the music starts on this one!! c:

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