Camp Chef ~ Wings ~ Tacos ~ New Mates

My title is Mike and I journey round with my canine Sober in my 2003 F450 Class C SunSeeker with a v10 engine, residing on the street. My canine Sober’s title has nothing to do with ingesting, it’s her persona. She is at all times calm and Sober!

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ADDED A NEW BLOG! CHECK IT OUT IF YOU WANT! I have not written a weblog in a few years!

Ceaselessly requested Questions:
Gopro Hero 3+ Black, Gopro Hero Three silver/white, iSteady Professional Hohem Handheld 3-axis Electrical Gimbal, Adobe Premiere Professional modifying software program, varied lapel mics wi-fi.

I received my canine named Sober in Slab Metropolis in 2013. Her title was Sober once I received HER. It has nothing to do with ingesting. It is simply her persona.

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  1. Where’s he camping at now?

  2. Hey Mike, I want to join your little wagon train. I love the idea of a regular chuck wagon cook "Cookie" (aka Dean). I would gladly contribute to the funds for groceries as long as he cooks. I would even cook on occasion to give him a break…..LOLOL. Enjoyed this video.

  3. I'm getting a dash cam after seeing yours. Thanks.

  4. After you are in an accident ,with your new mirror , I bet you rip it off when it shows you were at fault . What a muncher

  5. Good times had by all. You guys know how to have an eating party. All of it looked so good. Hope your doing swell. I'm watching for the live video. It should notify me when you go live.

  6. Love that cookout!! Hi to Donnie and Rachel and now Dean and wife! Great company!

  7. Cant argue with a man in a Kilt!

  8. wow you guys are stocked on that bar and out in the wilderness cant get any better good friends and a drink or two lol stay safe buddy :)loving the kilt looks like they are pretty cool people wow very nice

  9. Is the cook a Scotchman or wannabe, wearing Kilts ?

  10. Wings making me hungry!!! Yum-taco with mighty spices!! U sounded a little overcome!

  11. Dam u got a chef. Ok I'm leaving East Texas. Heading y'alls way. Looks like fun.

  12. Beef it's what's for dinner. Was the commercial before your video. Funny

  13. Mike me and the bride have grown to really like your vids. Between you and traveling robert we really enjoy your content. I wish you would expand a bit more on your Cooking with Mike segments because they are very entertaining. Keep up the great work. We are within 2 years of retirement and hitting the road ourselves. Thanks for all the hard work brother.

  14. And just when I thought your new friend couldn’t get any better …he whips out the tapatio. ❤️

  15. Hope he's not going commando under that skirt:)

  16. Always good to see Donny enjoying his retirement. Nice channel. Keep up the good work.

  17. Looks like you're having fun, thanks for sharing and as always stay safe and god bless love ya Nancy

  18. Cool video Mike, keeps me entertained and look forward to more. I am growing my channel and don't want to be just posting videos.. Keep them coming and stay away from the negative….

  19. "..and another thing Megan did blahblahblah.." – Zac Efron/Hot Ones..couple weeks ago

  20. One of ur best videos in sometime. AveryGood Guy. That guy is a spark of life in this crazy time.

  21. Thumbs Up For The Kilt and cowboy hat never seen that Ensemble before

  22. Good views and good ppl! Gotta say Mike you seem happy and healthy the last few months. Whatever you're doing, keep it up. I been drinking way more beer in quarantine lol

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