BOAT LIFE: Time To Get together Like A Pirate! | Crusing France Ep 110

This week, we’re in La Rochelle, a favorite port for sailors for lots of of years! The solar is shining, the beer is flowing and it is time to social gathering like a pirate (or, ya know, an Aussie and a Brit!). Life is sweet! On high of that, the Greenpeace ship, ‘Rainbow Warrior’ makes port and we’re fortunate sufficient to witness the epic spectacle of this big ship squeezing into an historic harbour.

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  1. Take shit from NO one or … Give shit TO everyone! It's about the same!
    Nick … is a …Chanimal?

  2. Shout out to the French , maybe they will sink a nuther one ☝️

  3. Napoleon the first didn’t build any thing…the narrow streets were there since the middle age. It is Napoleon III who decided to cut long broad avenues through the old quarters of Paris, so the army would be able to bring cannons and cavalry to stop the riotters ! The buildings along the new avenues had to comply with new architectural rules, set by Mr Haussmann, prefect of Paris.

  4. I have always enjoyed my times in France. It is a wonderful country. Despite their propensity to surrender at the first sign of conflict.
    Now to be the Weevil in the meal… The carbon foot print of the Rainbow "Worriers" is decussating. Green Peace and PETA do far more harm than they proclaim to protect. That boat is a floating pile of shit. And that is just the operating expenses. The construction and maintenance make the behemoth an ecological nightmare!
    I do not applaud nor advocate whaling or other destructive fishing practices, but those folks are TERRORISTS on the high seas!

  5. If your rethinking things a bit, that's a sign of strength . Don't feel like your obligated to be doing x or y because you have been talking about it, and don't feel not doing it would be letting anyone down.
    Its your life, you owe us nothing. 
    You have been very kind sharing the adventure so far with us.
    Do whatever is best for you, that's what everyone would want..

  6. "This week, we're in La Rochelle, a favourite port for sailors for hundreds of years!" Yep, why else do you think the Kriegsmarine commissioned Organisation Todt to build those lovely sturdy U-Boat Pens precisely there….

  7. Yes we men act like animals and we act like children… But it's our drive that make you fall for us… We do as we will and as long as we are faithful… We can do what ever we want as long as you are honest and love us as so….
    So Nick… Pull out your manhood and do as you please…
    I'm 48, am faithful to my woman (of 30 years old) and do things on a motor bike that 18 year old's struggle to do. Why??? So my woman can brag, say "this is mine" and take me home and put me to bed cause I'm sore AF…
    It's hell getting old!!! So enjoy that young stuff!!!
    I toast to you Nick!!!

  8. As French I enjoy a lot this series. I'm trying to go live in La Rochelle, and seeing the RainBow Warrior in France is still a Joy for me, so disgusted as a Kid when I learned our President gave the order to sink the RainBow Warrior I.

  9. We have a house 2 hours from La Rochelle, and we often go there for lunch , also some quirky shops , we love the place.

  10. That thumbnail of Terysa is beautiful! Fwoar

  11. Wonderful video, love the "Cup Cam" – You two are so much fun, almost like being there with you. Larochelle also had WW II German Submarine Pens. If you've never watched the movie Das' Boat its very much worth watching.

  12. Hope all is well? Great video. Loved seeing the Rainbow Warrior. France looks like a laid back place to visit.
    Until our adventures cross, fair winds and full sails.
    Jack and Billie

  13. Just as a point of note.
    Whenever you are walking with your beloveth, never charge ahead of her leaving her to limp along after you. Like some flag in the wind. Some random observer might be inclined to think that you are not a couple and try usurp your position. Sprite her away for some nefarious perposes. Especially when the lady in question is so young and beautiful. You may not be so lucky next time.

  14. Another Sweet video by you two. Safe travels

  15. Nick, your description of the French is the clearest and most succient I've ever heard.

  16. I loved he comment at the end "the gearbox" what the Hell.

  17. You folks are hilarious..Keep the humor as it sustains us all. That's what works for us.

  18. La Rochelle is also the home of Outremer. La Vagabonde's birth place, and worth a visit…

  19. Funny.. my mother (South African) loves the French for absolutely the same "shrug to authority" reason. Just weird to hear another almost identical description.

  20. Wow! What a beautiful town. I hope to see it someday. This vid was so well shot and the music was great too. Thank you.

  21. In 2000…my 30 days in France were hellish. For all the reasons you mention and more. I went back to Spain and Italy. England was nifty, still want to get to Ireland. To each their own I guess.

  22. It’s just as easy to look good whilst drinking beer as it is to rock out on an accordion

  23. Been there, also found that from 12 to 2 pm the parking was free, took me a while to realize why the meter wouldn't accept my money but, how civilized. 🙂

  24. I love Nicks priorities, Food, Wine, then location and possibly people.

  25. 9:36 Button Accordion – a fiendishly difficult instrument to play. It's an overgrown melodeon in effect! One of the best exponents is John Kirkpatrick 🙂 And I totally agree with Nick's musings about France. Seeing La Rochelle took me back to my teens – the last time I was there was 1972. It was amazing then, looks amazing now.

  26. Let me know when u came to Kent i ll take u the Bull e Bush for a Bevi.Leave a message in my F/B the clue Ustica.

  27. You two deserve the new opportunities & endeavors you're about to embark on. You have a great ability to show your way of life. You guys deserve more subscribers.

  28. Lots of parts in France are turning into 3rd world shit holes, enjoy the french culture whilst it still breaths…

  29. Nick, you have pretty much described the French perfectly. We are people that love life dearly but will be happy to complain about what we don't like to you if given the opportunity!

  30. Still laughing at the “mangle” image and joke! Hilariously painful! Yes, my dear, you can look good drinking beer!

  31. Outstanding, high quality job as always. I enjoyed Nick talking about the observations of French culture. So right on. Love it in the French Islands here in Windwards.

  32. ..Hello Ruby Rose,i am happy to see you in La Rochelle…et La Rochelle,c'est chez moi..Merci pour le soleil, car en ce moment, c'est plutôt pluvieux ,vous avez passés une bonne journée dans tous les endroits sympas..à bientôt!!

  33. The French live the best of all, best food, best wine, best harbors.

  34. I cannot stand background noise. This was the worst I have ever heard. Still love your content but I couldn't handle most of it this time.

  35. Completely agree with Nick. France is a demi paradise! I'm near Valencia at the moment wildcamping In the motorhome. I love the city and Spain but counting days the days when France warms up so I can go north again

  36. Tune in next week for another episode of "What's This Song?" staring Nick. XD

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