Bike CRASHES, SCARY moments & OUTTAKES of 60.000 kms Itchy Boots

I made a decision it was time to share a few of the lesser profitable moments of my journey world wide! These are the occasions that touring alone on a motorbike weren’t really easy…

I’m using solo world wide on my Royal Enfield Himalayan ‘Dhanno’!

Instruments, gear & gear I take advantage of:

Modifications & equipment on my Royal Enfield Himalayan:

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed all your journeys, but as a fellow adventure rider, please include this stuff in your regular videos. I think it’s important to show adventure riding isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but it’s how you handle things as they come that’s part of the journey.

  2. Thanks Noraly. Brave and capable person. Looking forward to more but still many of your videos I am yet to watch. Take care and stay safe.

  3. This video was so special. It is great to see this reality. It can get a bit intimidating seeing Pedro strip his engine in a lay-by but seeing you face the same fears and hardships I can relate to from my own mini-adventures and see you still persevere gives me courage to stretch out further in the future. Thankyou.

  4. It is good that you also show the problems. Because when I watch your videos I often think it's incredible that you never encounter any problems. I drive about 25,000 kilometers a year in Southeast Asia myself and things happen every now and then. As if on bad roads, angry animals and sometimes stupid people. I have thought that you either have to be incredibly skilled or have an incredible luck. Thank you for you showed this, now I don't need to have less valued complex anymore Haha I feel that you sometime have problem to lift up your bike when it fall down. Here is a side on YouTube to learn it. Look and try self before next trip, sometime it is no people around to help.

  5. Driving on good surface roads anybody can do, offroading through murky,gravel, slippery roads is not easy for anyone but Noraly. You just posted some of our most feared memories of the travel. Thanks.

  6. Glad to see you got through the mishaps okay….I couldn’t help feeling tired every time you had to pick up the bike.

  7. Noraly, I am in total awe of your bravery and courage. Those are certainly situations your average adventure biker woukd be terrified of. If you ever find yourself in New Zealand (a beautiful country with stunning gravel roads), there is always a place for you to stay in Canterbury.

  8. Are you still alive(kidding) …..I am asking Just to confirm ……. I am actually out of words ….. If you hadn't shown this video, I would have thought everything was easy …..

  9. Please Explore India Trust Me You Will Fall Love With India

  10. i thing that this bike is very heavy for you consider on next journey in changing your bike in lighter one like a crf 250l or a drz 400 so you dont have to strugle so much also you will have great realibility!!! love to see you on the road again!!!

  11. Damn, that was challenging, I would have dropped a few F bombs when crashing !!! You recovered well and put it behind you…. great attitude

  12. Love your energy , positive energy ,your fighting spirit to keep moving forward .

  13. I have to admit I was wondering how you managed to do what you do with hardly any problems(I fall off now and again off road in Thailand). Well done it was great video and will educate any one considering following your foot steps, I also get harassed by dogs but mostly when I cycle, just twice this morning. i carry a small white vinegar squeeze bottle on my handle bars, 100% success so far.

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