BEST CAMERAS for YouTube TRAVEL Movies & Pictures

Right here is the BEST digital camera gear for journey video and images. From price range to skilled we cowl one of the best cameras for YouTube!

Panasonic Lumix G9:
Panasonic Lumix 14-140mm Lens:
Rode VideoMic Professional:
VideoMic Professional Deadcat Windmuff:
JOBY GorillaPod:
DJI Phantom four Professional:
Sony Motion Cam:
Sony α6000:
α6000 Astrophotography Lens:
Sony Gun/Zoom Microphone:
Gutman Microphone Windscreen:
LED Panel:
Sony Light-weight Tripod:
Suction Cup Mount for Sony Motion Cam:
JOBY Motion Cam Bike Mount:
Sony Canine Mount for Motion Cam:





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Our YouTube channel is three years previous now. This entire time we have been creating journey and journey movies with our price range digital camera, a Sony a6000. However now our channel has grown to a degree that we’re in a position to spend money on new skilled high quality digital camera gear!

Since we shoot primarily “run-and-gun” type movies, which means unplanned transferring photographs, we desperately wanted our main digital camera to have picture stabilization. Enter our latest digital camera – the Panasonic Lumix G9. This beast of a mirrorless digital camera touts 6.5 stops of in physique picture stabilization in addition to digital picture stabilization functionality on prime of that!

We paired this new digital camera with a 14-140mm Panasonic lens since this vary will “do all of it”. This focal size is vast sufficient for selfie type video however might be zoomed in 10x for much off topics comparable to wildlife. I preserve that this digital camera/lens combo is ideal for on the go YouTubers comparable to ourselves.

On prime of that we have upgraded our audio high quality with a Rode VideoMic Professional which sits atop our Lumix G9. Nevertheless, with all these upgrades we’re nonetheless not carried out with our Sony a6000. Because of it being an interchangeable lens digital camera and having higher low gentle capabilities than our Lumix G9, we bought a big 1.four aperture lens to pair with the a6000 for unimaginable night time sky images.

We now have rather more gear that we present within the video, test it out for our full lineup that’s excellent for journey and journey movies/images!

*Affiliate Disclaimer: As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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  1. Great video! Subscribing and looking forward to watching more of your content! Continued success to your channel!

  2. Hey David, have you by any chance checked out the Nikon P1000 Super Zoom camera. It would be about $700 new and it has incredible 125X zoom. I know you would be giving up some quality but like you said Youtube compresses everything anyway. I'm thinking about one but I've got to convince the better half to let me spend $700 on my first good camera. That maybe a tall order. Keep the good stuff coming.

  3. Thanks for this, I've been trying to narrow down what image stable camera to get for my videos. Great info here. Question, do you use a polarizing filter at all?

  4. Hey guys, so proud of you. Watched you from day one. You are definitely doing things right. Looking forward to hitting the road shortly and maybe even meeting you. Thanks so much for your excellent content!

  5. Great video. Thanks so much.

  6. Loved this video, I’m looking for a mirrorless camera and you answered a lot of the questions I had.

  7. Now that you have your upgraded camera equipment, you're going to have to up your game and start providing your viewers more drama, special effects and action scenes. It's all well and good to show us those cute bunny moments or cat yawns, dog close ups. But after three years we want more.
    Have your dog, cats and rabbits sneak out at night while your sleeping and terrorize neighbouring campers only to play the innocents come the morning. Just a suggestion.

  8. Please update us on how you're managing thru Covid19!!!!!!!! What's the RV streets sayin????

  9. Are you concerned about keeping public lands open if so please read to the end my concern started when I watched a video by simply rving call OMG what about the fire it clearly shows them Gathering firewood in the California desert near Salton Sea it is habitat for a lot of desert Critters including the endangered kangaroo rat I have lived in California for 65 years and have seen them closed down so much public land because of people abusing it they are telling their 3000 viewers that it's okay I have watched enough of your videos to believe that you love the land as I do so please watch the video let me know what you think let them know what you think respectfully oil bag mark

  10. I LOVE that statement "how you shoot it and your content" good to let people know high cost items doesn't = success.

  11. Thank you for the recommendations. I have loved your videos for over a year, and as we prepare to get on the road ourselves, I have been considering appropriate (for beginners) and affordable camera equipment.

  12. I'm also a full-time RVer. Been trying to contact you but can't get a response. I don't do any social media. What are the alternate methods?

  13. Hey David & Jeni & Sweetie what plans do you have and any thoughts you have since the virus outbreak? Thanks!

  14. Your video or photos are only as good as your lens ! Well done thx

  15. David Thank You for showing all your camera gear & your drone .

  16. I am aware your video was on camera's, however, I have a question on coupling and uncoupling the ball and trailer I was recently told that frequently it can be difficult to hook-up or un-hook. Especially on uneven ground. What's you experience?

  17. I really enjoy the episodes you two make for us all. But, it about your stories and not the video quality for me. My bandwidth isn’t great so I usually can’t stream anything above 360-480p. Thanks and eep up the great work!

  18. Thanks for the info, as usual, very well done. Q- what software are you using for editing and creating the final product.

  19. when you switched camera definitely audio is better on the new, less wind noise too. great video.

  20. David, the image (even on the new camera) looked very soft in this video – especially the zoomed in shots. You didn't look particularly sharp or detailed. Any idea why? (I watched at 1080p.)

  21. Was the optical image stabilization enabled on the Sony lens when you did the side by side?

  22. I enjoy your videos, something that I may have missed and probably gets asked a lot: what software do you use for your video editing?

  23. As another person pointed out, the Sony made you sound as if you were in a tin can. Also, the video quality of the new Lumix camera is far superior, as it cuts out the noise and balances the light in the image and colouration. With the Sony, while it was giving off a clear enough image quality, it didn't seem to be softening the sun exposure and washed David out a bit. Not quite overexposed, but near enough. The background was also not only blurry (I know it was focusing on David, so the background was out of focus), but grainy, whereas the Lumix smoothed it all out. Good choice!

  24. We have that Rokinon 21mm f/1.4 lens. It is an excellent lens for night photography, though having a wider angle might be better to capture sky vistas.

    You will not be disappointed with that lens.

  25. First off. Love all of your videos, from the quality of the footage and always the content. Well done! I was watching this video on my TV with a Yamaha sound bar and noticed a difference in audio with the Sony and Lumix. I switched over to my laptop, plugged in some Sony MDR-7506 headphones and WOW! The audio on the Lumix sounded awesome and the Sony sounded like you were in a tin can. Blew me away. I also wanted to note that Wirecutter also recommended the Sony a6000 series as the best all around vlogging cameras. Keep up the good work.

  26. Thanks for showing your equipment. Phones have come a long way, but cameras still have options that phones don’t have. We don’t have anything fancy, besides the drone, but hoping one day after a lot of research we will find our favorite camera.

  27. I see a difference between the Panasonic and the Sony. The Panasonic is better! Awesome video. Thanks guys!

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