On this Berlin journey information I’m going to share all the precious insights I’ve discovered throughout my final three years dwelling right here as an area (which embrace not solely touristic sights and points of interest but additionally plenty of insider suggestions).
Not like all the opposite commonplace journey guides on the market, I wanna deal with offering you a wholesome mixture of actions and sightseeing that not solely embrace should sees for vacationers but additionally some insider recommendations on methods to spend your time on this metropolis just like the locals would.
With tourism rising yearly, as of 2019 Berlin already ranks third within the listing of essentially the most visited european cities, solely being outranked by London and Paris. This progress in reputation comes from motive – Based on the favored Mercer examine that compares the standard of dwelling of cities around the globe, Berlin ranks among the many High 15. 
The previous mayor of Berlin as soon as titled town as “poor however horny”. 
With it’s rising financial system and the rise as a world hub for startups in Europe – the poor half is unquestionably not true anymore – the sexyness stayed although!
Being a nightlife mekka for individuals all around the globe and one of many high locations for younger Europeans searching for a free life with fascinating job alternatives, this metropolis has one core characteristic that you simply received’t discover wherever else in europe: It’s range. 
Wandering round one of many many hip neighbourhoods, likelihood is you’re going to get to listen to english extra usually than german, 
expertise meals choices which might be as versatile as may very well be and discover racism broadly absent. 
Everyone seems to be accepting one another no matter how one seems and you’ll discover that instantly after arriving right here. 

The information in your go to in Berlin embrace:


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  1. I really hope you liked this one and .that you got a good overview about this great city. Would you consider visiting after watching this video?

  2. 10:16 that's fking dumb, what's even the point of these people posing as wannabe Americans soldiers(disgrace to the US) acting as guards dividing the city of Berlin? That's ridiculous! This is how you commemorate your reunification? That's straight up Stockholm syndrome. Fck Checkpoint Charlie

  3. I don't ever want to hear the English language in places English isn't native to

  4. Sehr komischer Film. Die Anbindung an unsere Flughäfen ist schlecht? Mitte und Prenzlberg bums und ne Stadt is fertig!?
    Mir fehlen bei diesen Filmen immer nen bisschen das Eisbein und die tote Oma.
    Shawama Döner und ne Curry inna Mall?
    Achso zwecks keine Hipster. In deinen genannten Bezirken kenne ich einige. Sehr nette Leute, wunderbar alles toll. Aber zu sagen dort sind keine Hipster, das fand ich arg komisch. Sie fallen einfach nicht mehr auf weil du sie ja nur noch siehst;) ! Aber trotzdem bei allem, ganz nette Bilder.
    Und auch nen Hipster kann ein toller Mensch sein, wollte ich nur noch anhängen. Am Ende Mensch. Wie Z.B auch unsere Obdachlosen denk mal drüber nach ;).

  5. Great and comprehensive video! Definitely raising my interest in visiting Berlin.

  6. Wäre Berlin nicht sozialistisch RRG regiert, könnte es sich zu einer interessanten Stadt entwickeln. So ist es aber nur der Sumpf der Linksextremen Szene, der Clans und eine der H4 Hochburg in Deutschland.

  7. Alexanderplatz shouldn't be skipped. It still has some DDR feel to it (not much has changed in terms of architectural landscape). You will find a few typical Berlin's bars and fast food joints there, where eg. kebab / falafel ("best ever" according to my wife) and curry wurst are being served, meet regular Berliners whose commuting patterns happen to cross there, but also locals – both young and older, with too much free time and too little money in their pockets – who bring some alternative folklore to this place. The area is usually crowded, but roomy and you will not bump into one another. There is also plenty of little spots to sit and rest.

  8. شكرا اخي الكريم …. فيديو جميل جدا جدا ومفيد جدا جدا … ألف ألف شكر لك … أنا سافرت إلى برلين مرة واحدة ةلكن الآن أنا متأكد أني لم أسافر … تمنيت لو شاهدت الفيديو قبل السفر كان حبيتها أكثر وسافرت لها عدة مرات …. تحياتي لك … أخوك من السعودية

  9. You will never be bored in Berlin… no matter how many times you have been there. That's for sure.

  10. Me and my wife are going in May. I've always wanted to go to Berlin and I absolutly cannot wait so any tips are welcome! I've been watching every video I can

  11. "Berlin ist dazu verdammt, stets zu werden und nie zu sein" zum Glück!

  12. I am organizing a big three day trip to Berlin for my Pan Am colleagues. This video was so helpful!! We used to stay in Berlin all the time…one of my favorite cities in Europe! But since the reunification, we have not had the pleasure of revisiting this great city! We are looking for a typical GERMAN restaurant for our first evening with GERMAN food!!! Anyone have any ideas?

  13. great tips! thanks for making it

  14. Tut mir sehr leid, aber ich hasse Berlin. Die Leute sind sehr unhöflich und faul, wenn es um Kundendienst geht! It was my first and last trip to Berlin. The people there are very rude, and there is no such thing as friendly or decent customer service, regardless of where you go. Don't believe me, simply Google 'Why are Berliners so rude?" and see what pulls up. I thought it was because of my accent when I spoke German, but I did not have that kind of reaction in Vienna. Forget Berlin and try one of the other amazing German cities, where they welcome visitors….Leipzig, Dresden, Nuremberg, Frankfurt…any other city besides Berlin.

  15. Ganz ehrlich jetzt, sind sie rassistisch oder nicht?

  16. From the looks of it you’re white (?), so how exactly do you feel qualified to attest the city an absence of racism? As a Black person living in Berlin for more than 10 years I can assure you: You are blissfully unaware and ignorant. Educate yourself, please!

  17. I am a local, too. There is really nothing secret about these tips. Just the usual recommendations.

  18. Also besser hätte man die Mall of berlin nicht beschreiben können.

  19. wirklich sehr schönes Video. Komme zwar selbst aus Berlin aber war trotzdem sehr interessant anzusehen.

  20. put a link to your Berlin clubbing video please

  21. Please consider "Konopke" for your first currywurst you guys 😉

  22. It was very informative and helpful! Thank you all your great tips!

  23. I'm livin for 40 years in Berlin now and still I discover new corners of this city. Amazing.

  24. Here is a real good tip from someone grew up in Berlin ,make a boats tour {Dampferfahrt}out of Wannsee over the 12 lakes in Berlin absolute amazing and very inexpensive

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