BALI on a BUDGET (Unique Villa Tour)

The place to Keep in Bali (Unique & Inexpensive Villa Tour)
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Displaying you guys my suggestions on the place to remain when touring in Bali, Indonesia.

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  1. What is your friend
    Katia’s Instagram?

  2. In the Philippines they take 3-6 months before they can be harvested lol

  3. "My friend" OMG, what a loser! Be a freaking man and say that it's your girlfriend. American guys! Grow some!

  4. The rooms that is displayed in the video is showing from 45-75 a night with the link provided. not 35 as the video suggests

  5. Its called a mosquito net. It is used so you dont get bitten by mosquitoes

  6. Do NOT go see the elephants they are abused and consistently hit in the head to behave.

  7. hi I'm from Indonesia, if you need a guide for a good trip to travel can contact me. I can show you the new and very good tour sites. my whatsapp +6285707777990

  8. Wow that villa in ubud is really cool! Thank you for putting the link on the description! Definitely will try that villa in the future!

  9. You and Choi look like you would make an excellent couple did you go out with him you know you wanted to

  10. Hi, I am 20 years old currently in the process of receiving an honorable discharge from the army with no where to go. Here’s my story and what I want to show the world.
    In the past year I have lost everything. I was a hometown basketball star with the girl of my dreams not even 11 months ago. Once I went to college I fell into the wrong crowds and realized I needed to turn my life around and join the army. Not long into that the girl I loved left me. Sucks right? Just getting started. After I lost her I was extremely depressed and fell into the wrong crowd again doing things out of anger and what I just wasn’t supposed to be doing. (Details left out) Recently I was told I will be receiving an honorable discharge from the army with no home or anywhere to go. I am saying this because so many people deal with this everyday. Where they are kicked to the streets with absolutely nothing.Over the past 3 weeks I thought about taking my life and letting it all go, until I got a message from God one night crying in the shower. I want to show the world that even in those times of heart break and long nights where you feel you don’t deserve to live anymore you can still do it. I plan to take everyone on my journey from absolutely nothing to finding happiness and success. I go by SIMN “Success Is My Name” and I am looking for someone who can edit videos with a passion and understands my story. I will only have a camera I will buy and a small laptop to send files and post to YouTube. We can arrange payments ect over the phone. Thank you. God bless.

  11. Bali island is the best place to visit in Indonesia, what is most interesting is the Ulun Danu Temple, Treetop Adventure Park and surfing in Kuta. My plan in 2017 was to visit Bali and have some lovely time with my family until i lost my husband. now i have a lot of responsibility(expenses) to even plan for a vacation

  12. So were you guys sharing a room ? In the 2nd Airbnb..

  13. What was the place in Ubud called or do you have an active link for it as the one in the description is not working for me 🙁

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