Backpacking Europe! | Exploring Milan, Switzerland, Paris, & Copenhagen!

hiya welcome again! this is the primary video from my two week backpacking Europe journey! we explored Milan, Switzerland, Paris, and Copenhagen (and 5 different nations that might be in one other video :). take pleasure in!

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how outdated are you? 20
what are you learning in faculty? i’m majoring in communication and minoring in advertising and marketing
how tall are you? 5’9″
the place do you reside? ohio
what digicam do you employ? Canon G7 X mark ii, Canon 70D with Sigma 30mm f/1.four lens or Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens
what modifying software program do you employ? Ultimate Lower Professional X


disclaimer: this video isn’t sponsored. all ideas and opinions are my very own, like all the time. no copyright meant.


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  1. i visited 12 cities in 2 weeks and I spent 800 euros for the trip including return flight tickets. check it out.

  2. I wish you can do a vlog explaining tickets travel stops where to go, map track! I need advice! I want to do just this!

  3. Awesome video and just love the hikes in Switzerland. It's so beautiful & you've a very sweet voice. I'm planning a trip in the summer 2020. When did you guys go?

  4. Turned off at "go to McDonald's" tbh. You are in Italy and the best thing you can think of eating is Maccy D's?????

  5. Nice video I like it !!!!
    Keep doing what you do!!!

    We are also traveling in Europe and make videos!!!!

  6. After college graduation in 2021, two friends and I are going back to europe/iceland together. What camera/film setup do you use?

  7. also what month did you go? there seemed to be few people in milan! thank you

  8. also what month did you go? there seemed to be few people in milan! thank you

  9. did you go with a tour group or something like that? if so, which group? thank you!

  10. Please do a video on how you packed for this journey…

  11. Do you have any lazy days or relax days? If so could you make a lazy day routine

  12. hey hope you have a nice day….I wanna invite you to my country Iran…I will be really happy to see you there

  13. hi emma do you have a budget plan for your trip and can you do a video on it??

  14. oh my god !! i'm from europe and i wanna do this SO badddd

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