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Touring for road meals in China and Chinese language delicacies is all the time wonderful! We traveled DEEP in Yunnan for wonderful road meals and to make this road meals vlog in 2017! That is a few of the finest road meals world wide! Right here in Yunnan, on the traditional tea horse highway in Shaxi, you will discover some unimaginable road meals delicacies.

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First off, we began brilliant and early for some wonderful breakfast road meals in China. We adventured onto the road to make this road meals video and located a few of the BEST snacks from the Yi and bai individuals of Yunnan, China. This actually is a few of the most UNIQUE road meals in China, beginning out instantly with BREAKFAST! The native road meals recipes have been unimaginable!

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We tasted a number of wonderful dishes, brilliant and early!

First up, for breakfast, we discovered a girl promoting this unimaginable milk cheese, type of like curdled milk, proper on the road. You’ll be able to eat it plain or you possibly can order it fried for breakfast with numerous sugar. We ended up making an attempt each.

Then, we walked down the road and had a pleasant and hearty and wholesome lunch soup, and rice as properly. Tremendous tasty and scrumptious!

Then we went for a stroll and located some road “huajuan” rolls filled with fermented tofu, very robust and pungent!

All of this was discovered in the course of the weekly farmers market on the road in Shaxi each friday! In the event you come to Yunnan in Southern China, come to Shaxi on a friday to go to one of the crucial wonderful road markets! You need to come test it out!

After that, we went for a lunch and tasted basic bai delicacies, together with native Matsutake mushrooms and wonderful salted pork, which type of tasted like pastrami! So scrumptious!!

My identify is Trevor James and I am a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that is at present residing in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, consuming up as a lot scrumptious .

I take pleasure in tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I will make movies for YOU alongside the way in which! Over the following few years, I will journey world wide and doc as a lot meals as I can for you! I like scrumptious meals! This channel will present you actual Chinese language meals and actual native meals, not that stuff they serve within the Buzzfeed problem.

Thanks for watching, and please be at liberty to depart a remark, suggestion, or critique within the feedback under!

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  2. Hiiiiii..Iam malayali, I watched all of your vedio…so good

  3. You guys are awesome
    Make me want to go there !!!
    Love you ❤❤❤

  4. I need me the recipe for that pork gravy, that looks amazing

  5. Drooling Great…!! Very different flavors and textures… YUMMM

  6. See your video in China, can't help looking for here, ha ha, like your video very much

  7. It's so good that you know how to speak and understand Chinese

  8. Minute 20:40, choy me tai, it is the amaranth, a mexican herb. Not an amantis.

  9. hen hao,,,, indonesia mana suaranya ??? hadirlah

  10. it is soo dangerous to take a look at some of the ranger videos on an empty stomach )

  11. u have a lots of advantage to travel the world. knowing chinese is quite amazing, china is big country and hving big possiblity to trade and make a benefit. u are potential of it . there are a lots of good sightseeing. i want to travel china and enjoy many foods llike u. anybody want it but not easy with lack of information so we need u haha

  12. I love mozzarella chhese.. yummy, how lucky we are to be just watching other peoples experiences, I take it all in, because I know myself I cannot be able to afford to travel..

  13. Too be honest, as a Chinese myself, it a shame on me that probably you been to more Chinese cities than I do

  14. hay food ranger,
    you are a lucky man to have this type of opportunities . I like foods and traveling but i don't have enough money.

  15. How come everything looks so tasty and delicious ! Do you really enjoy it ?! Do you really eat it all ? But I love the way you are introducing Chinese food across the nation.

  16. Excellent, parmi toute vos vidéos celles-ci est incroyable et riche en saveur.

  17. I wouldn't have any pork in China if I was you, Chinese put a lot of chili on these porks to make them taste good, most of them are not fresh and with African swine fever that will not kill you but your body might bring the viral of African swine fever to other healthy pigs, that's the reason why there are more and more sick pigs in China.

  18. It is 8.00 am and I am waiting for my food. Here I am watching your video for the last 22.53 mins. What do you think is happening to me?

  19. Trevor.
    I appreciate your Canadian politeness a lot but…
    It's just kinda weird and what no one does in China to ask if you are ALLOWED to have something in a dinning area when you literally see food just lying around.

    Just say may I please have a blah blah blah 请给我来一份 XXX
    Love from Berlin.

  20. you should go to chongqing and try the hotpot, you'll love it! and by the way, i'm live in chongqing !!!

  21. OMG, I am in China now and i am hungry now i'll go out for somefood

  22. Nobody should vote their travel or consumer dollars in favor of China or Vietnam.

    The YULIN DOG MEAT "FESTIVAL" in China is an outrageous example of state sanctioned cruelty.

    The concentration camps and slave labor endured by the Uigher population is a human rights outrage.

    The Chinese-Vietnamese markets for rare animal parts are the #1 contributor to poaching of endangered species.

    No nation is perfect. Stray cats and dogs suffer a brutal life everywhere. But few nations sanction animal cruelty and violations of human rights like China and Vietnam. There's many beautiful destinations in the world with decent govts that make an effort to respect animal and human rights. Let's reward those nations with our tourist and consumer dollars. And by boycotting dictatorships like China and Vietnam we can effect change and go on vacation at the same time. They will hear you $$$ loud and clear. And they will change policy to bring you back because they need that revenue. The sooner we all jump on board that boycott the sooner it will result in change and the sooner we can all visit China and Vietnam in good conscience.

  23. The look on their faces when you start speaking their language is hilarious …Love your vids


  25. Trevor James i am watch the your show. in online good show keep it up

  26. Ultimate Food Porn the Food Ranger! Your Blogs are Epic !!1

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