GO TO ALBANIA! The shoreline of Sarande is probably the most distinctive and particular one I have been too.

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Comply with me on my journey via each nation in Europe. The following nation I visited is Macedonia!

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  1. music was too loud, had to switch volume back and forth to hear what you were saying

  2. Great video. Relax with the the volume changes though lol. One moment ur whispering next is a blast of loud music.

  3. I was at Gjakova, Kosovo. Even though I hate Serbia! Don’t kill me I’m not kebab

  4. I'm Albanian/American and didn't know how beautiful my country is. I was 23 years old when I immigrated to the USA.

  5. To me the beaches up the entire coast of croatia/albania/greece no where near as good as what i have seen in australia. Very sharp rocks and cliffs with difficult access everywhere.

  6. Nice video! I can relate to what you say about Albania! Coastline is stunning!

  7. Did you now that butrint has been under water for cunturies

  8. Dude, good effort. This video could be interesting for anyone interested in visiting Albania but please work on the editing, specially the sound. The sound quality and the volume differences are awful…

  9. "your planet is Jupiter" 😀 Sagittarious much?

  10. As beautiful as Albania is. It's still undeveloped and truly is the gem of Europe. It's one of the only counties in the world that can self sustain itself. Many species of birds and animals migrate to the coast due to it's perfect habitat climate. I've visited Albania many times and will undoubtedly be a top destination for tourist for years to come. Archeologist are constantly excavating artifacts and ruins dating back to Roman and Byzantine times. Its truly remarkable.

  11. OMG you jumped in the blue eye O.O How did you do that ?!!!!! the water is ice cold

  12. Albania is a wonderful country and beautiful and very cheap the only thing that's crazy is it's their politicians who do not make the country flourish, but all privately built by the private people

  13. Great video man, I'm visiting this summer and had only heard bad things, thanks for the fresh perspective!

  14. I will come again, albanian people are so friendly, next time maybe meeting beautiful albanian woman

  15. Wow Albania is a very beautiful country from Afghanistan

  16. wow I had no idea that Albania was so beautiful! keep up the good work!

  17. You are crazy. Albania it means Drugs Mafia and Islam!!!

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