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Hello Pals Pilots and aviation Lovers, this video on the quantity of passengers touring is predicated on my observations as a pilot flying for a regional pilot within the US.
I simply got here again yesterday kind a three day journey and I used to be noticing round me, that it looks like airports are a bit bit much less empty. It seems like there may be extra journey once more.

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  1. my thoughts on the airline industry in this video:
    more airline measures for passenger safety in this video:
    Time Stamps:
    00:00 intro
    00:12 more travelers in airports
    00:41 my experience on our flights lately
    01:03 looking at the data
    02:33 airlines are still in trouble
    03:31 my thoughts on the airline industry in this video:
    03:47 cautiously optimistic
    03:58 assuring passengers are safe
    04:14 more airline measures in this video:
    04:22 closing thoughts, channel info

  2. Made it up to IAD – Nice – when the dust settles, if you get a long overnight hit up the Udvar-Hazy Center great museum if you have not been… A short Uber from the area hotels – in fact many airport hotel shuttles will take you there

  3. Nothing wrong with being cautiously optimistic! Thank you for your take on the condition of the airlines with the data you compiled. We all need to keep hope alive and take reasonable precautions. Can’t live life in a bubble or surround yourself in bubble wrap (or bubble mask if you prefer). Time to get back to living life…safely.

  4. I think domestic travel will increase due to the lack of demand and travel band for international travel. Why go abroad and be stranded if another wave happens. Theirs a lot of vacation destinations here ripe for the picking.

  5. Ha ha that was the equivalent crowd that one would see back in the 70s. Less people fly more ticket prices will be.

  6. I m in Thailand , so far 4 flights I had cancelled two before covid two in June to Japan . Air Asia and Nok Scoot are stalling on refunds . Looks like I m out $600 dollars . Not fair ,

  7. I'm sorry, but I don't share your optimism. Looking at your graph doesn't inspire me either! Nice presentation.

  8. Not a pilot but work in the industry for the largest "lcc". At our station it's not quite an uptick but a consolidation of flights. This is pretty much the story across the network and across most carriers. Definitely trying times but we keep chugging along

  9. Run a 7-day moving average to smooth out the weekly trends 🙂

  10. I think your graph puts it best. A very slight uptick in travel. Maybe a couple tenths of a percentage per week and no where near the rate we would need to get back to normal anytime soon. Planes are much more full and airports seem more full but it’s a bit of an illusion. For instance my airline reduced 80% of flights for May. Right at the same time flights started filling up. So a route that normally would have 5 flights per day now has 1. So you could put 30 people on 5 different flights and have them look empty or put 150 people on 1 flight and it looks very full like traveling has recovered. However it’s the same number of people. I was actually in the jumpseat with my airline 2 days ago on a full flight minus the 50% blocked off middle seats. Also airlines are banking flights into the same time frame to reduce airport employees work hours for airline savings making airports appear busier. Trust me going from 7.5% of 2019 travel to 7.8% is not a noticeable difference.

  11. You are too polite. You should have referred me to here when I asked about how full flights are today.

  12. Even though the up swing in air travel hardly dents the $$$$$$'s lost by airlines, I can't see the worlds governments, letting air traffic of the masses, become a thing of the past!

  13. Thank you for the statistics that mean something, I just hope the relaxed guidelines to limit exposure doesn’t create a significantly higher risk to you pilots, flight attendants and gate staff as well as passengers and we don’t develop a second and more devastating round of the virus before real vaccines and proven protocols are developed. Thank you again and fly safe…

  14. Yes, I too have seen an increase in the number if PAX flying out of IND..

  15. Correction: you're still an engineer. Once an engineer, always an engineer!

  16. Hey how are you. Well is good to hear that things are going to normalize soon, slowly but at least it’s heading up and no down. Be safe girl good to hear you

  17. Im curious if this small uptick is due to the the seasonal summer season. Im really want to see how it will be during the next slow season in the Fall and a uptick for the holidays. Also another factor i I have an eye, now with so many unemployed and those who still work today have a good posibility that thier hours got cut or reduce pay will be a factor of limited discreptionary spending.

  18. Saw ur vid flying a UH-1, is that with application dynamics down in Lantana?

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