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  1. Please try to remember to wear your seat belts because it's no fun smashing your head into the windshield. Been there done that when laws didn't require people to wear them. I was taking my brother to return his baseball uniforms and we were hit head on and each vehicle was doing about 40 mph. Thank God for keeping us all from being seriously injured but the car was totaled.

  2. Hello pwd ba mag ask ug support sa ako channel. I wil sub u back. Salamat daan

  3. Fun couple you two are, sweet lovely children and yet you maintain having four legged members of the family. I LOVE following your vlog, stay as sweet always.

  4. lol how funny you said about the bob marley style

  5. No wonder u have 5 kids . It's always raining .

  6. hey brain get videos I'm from calif and i want to move there! can you email me about moving there and video pay day 2.0? thanks Ron ronaldcueto58@gmail.com

  7. hooked with your vlogs, very natural and unfiltered..what a lovely family..have watched almost all of your 2017 vlogs..keep the vids coming and God bless ur family

  8. hi im your new fans!You have a great blogs!Where is that store located sir?Im here in cebu also!hoping your response ,Thank you

  9. I love this video. everything is real. A really Filipino ways of life. Buying Mongo for vian? It is a big wow. I never been tired watching your video Aheezy. I watched over and over again. I live here in Canada.

  10. so funny…he is Benjie Paras a Ph basketball star and a celebrity

  11. Your wife doesn't look like she had four kids, she's still slim and sexy (forgive my words)…

  12. i like your wife..she's very simple and the way she take care of you and your kids..owh wife goal!!!cathlyn is beautiful..regards to your wife..god bless always..

  13. suffering hahhaahah !!!!! ur wife is something…. hahahah

  14. i like ur wifi she's beautiful and not maarte cowboy tlga.. God bless us..

  15. your wife has an engagement ring, wedding ring, anniversary ring and suffering….what a great husband

  16. your kids are so cute and i enjoyed watching your videos….

  17. dude enjoy your vids, your a great ambassador! retired guy here tired of the busy life and deciding to venture back to the islands. great family, much respect thrown your way.

  18. hi baby boy dodong you like a like your pretty mommy

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