After Dems Delayed PPP, Opposed Journey Guidelines, Dem Bizarrely Says Dems Accountable For Virus Response

After the Democrats delayed the Paycheck Safety Program and opposed President Donald Trump’s worldwide journey restrictions, Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee bizarrely credit Democrats for the response to the coronavirus pandemic. From an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on 5/4/2020. Make sure you like, subscribe, and remark beneath to share your ideas on the video.

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  1. They lie everyday, it's their character. They're fine with it, how about you?

  2. I laughed so hard I peed a little. This fat bitch doesn't even acknowledge her own existence. Seriously! This is deceit at the highest level of our 'elected' fools. What a disgrace of a human, and even worse disgrace of someone who represents America. Pitiful.

  3. its bean a hox from the beginning the regular flu .There counting hart attack eveything that causes death

  4. These people are fucking disgusting. I wish the people of Houston would vote this ignorant pompous bitch the fuck out.

  5. So happy we have the black democrat the same that don't give a fuck about black in charge of this pandemic

  6. The PPP is intended to help small businesses. Trump abusing it and giving money to big businesses. Trump created an emergency immigration ban that Dems didn't stop whatsoever. Trump is responsible for his horrible virus response.

  7. Sounds like Democrat's take credit for everyone elses work. Obama took credit for saving the auto industry yet it was a started under Bush and Obama WAS OPPOSED to it.

  8. She want to replace Maxine Waters

  9. Ask her three simple questions: "Do you represent White people?"

    "Do you love all White people?"

    "Are White people equal and deserve equal treatment under the law?"

    You'll find out real quick the quality of her "leadership" as a representitve of the people.

  10. I thought she was still hiding in the capital bunker after the acquittal?!?!? But if there ever was a used car saleswoman…I give you her

  11. Democrats = EVIL TYRANNY. RINOs=SELL out the country for their money.

  12. So let’s elect a guy who skinny dips in front of female secret service agents???

  13. This woman is much more evil than most will ever know.

    [Part of the club]

  14. These people are mentally ill and need to be committed as soon as possible.

  15. Sometimes it's better just to keep your mouth shut. Like this one.

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