AFRICA IN THE PHILIPPINES, PALAWAN (Half 3) – #BecomingFilipino Your Journey Weblog

Ever been on an African Safari within the Philippines!?

That is “Half 3” of our #BecomingFilipino: Your Journey Weblog Palawan Episode…

Right here I’ll carry you to the height of Mt. Tapyas overlooking stunning Coron after which head off to go on an “African Model Zebra and Giraffe Mission” in Busuanga.

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Tremendous Apir!


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  1. It fascinating how your 2016 videos feel so different in energy level from your 2017-2018 videos. You’ve obviously become more relaxed and less formulaic as time went on 😉

  2. Hi Kyle. .
    You discovered safari in palawan ( philippines. )
    So amazing..
    Animals are very free from their habitat.

  3. I'm so proud in the Philippines
    Because theres a little Africa in palawan in hope the habitat be good and no more hunters

  4. I've watched a couple of videos of this Calauit Sanctuary but yours Kulas is the best.


  6. lol i cant believe this only 3 dislike 😀

  7. Look at that giraffe it looks happy. I hope all the vegetarian land mammals in Africa they will transfer to Philippines, we have many trees and plants here, we can feed them all. For the carnivorous, like lions, tigers, big cats, we will wait until they become vegetarian, lol or we can put them in islands with many fishes where they can catch for themselves. Thank you Kyle, I didnt know we have this animal sanctuary in Philippines, now I know, thank you so much and we praise our Almighty God. Stop cruel poaching of majestic creatures of God!

  8. If marcos he cares the welfare of the animals how much more the Filipino people. 4give us marcos family…. for being unfair to you.. but now we will support you.

  9. Great place for all the crocodiles in the government….

  10. kulas Salamat, merry christmas and prosperous New year. wish you all the best in life.

  11. would love to really go there one day, it is a special place indeed. ty kulas! maligayang pasko!

  12. Porya buyag.. Kulas.. Murag Ala man ka Kapoy oi.. Good vibes.. Ganahan kaau ko sa Imong video.. God blessed Kyle..

  13. thank you for preserving that animals…Pres. Marcos initiative.

  14. wow!finally I found my home town Palawan in your videos … exotic beautY OF EVERY ISLANDS LAYS IN PALAWAN

  15. lucky giraffes and zebras, no lions, hyenas and cheetahs to hunt them.

  16. this video is amazing…mind you? we have giraffes and zebra here in our country..ive been so many times in palawan but I dont know this…thanks kulas…youre great.

  17. Kulas try the 3,003 steps in Dipolog City Zamboanga.Del Norte Mindanao part and enjoy the overlooking place of whole Dipolog and Dapitan. Visit also Rizal Shrine in Dapitan City where Rizal our National Hero live there when he exiled and Dipolog Sunset Boulevard.. 😉

  18. bringing invasive animals but unable to protect the native animals. nice logic

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