immediately we’re not doing a the way to DIY video, and I’m not making a costume out of any loopy materials – immediately, I’m taking you with me to the Center East!

I am doing a sequence referred to as the Purchasing World Tour, and I simply went on my dream trip to Dubai, U.A.E! And since you really liked watching me go on a buying spree Aladdin model, I believed it might be enjoyable to point out you the REAL Dubai too – journey vlog model! (not simply the wealthy fancy shops lol) So from meals to sightseeing, gold chandeliers to the tallest constructing on the earth, what I wore, style and tradition, spice markets to malls, snowboarding inside and even a camel trip, right here is me adventuring by the Dubai desert for the primary time!

Benefit from the very further journey vlog!!! That is the whole lot it’s good to do in your journey to Dubai if you end up fortunate sufficient to go – and if not, I hope this brings even a small piece of the world you gave me again to you.

All my love eternally extra. To Dubai and again at all times,

3,080,000 kisses!
Amber 🙂

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twitter: https://www.twitter.com/amberscholl


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  1. Amber, can you do a tutorial on your Jasmine inspired look and braid? It looks sooo pretty!

  2. I wish I can be as confident as Amber is when she’s filming in public n wearing all these glamorous n extra outfits.

  3. That was literally so beautiful to watch

  4. being a muslim i totally love the way you were so respectful. #loveya

  5. Does anyone know where I can purchase one of the outfits she had for the mosque? I’m visiting next month and would love one.

  6. i lived there for over 2 years. thank god i never acted this weird and abu dhabi is more impressive honestly and quieter.

  7. Wow! Nice blog..me also I'm here in UAE..I love traveling too.. congratulations

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  9. i really love how respectful you were! a lot of influencers wouldn’t have been as respectful as you were, especially when you were at the mosque!

  10. Dose anyone agree with me that it is nicer and more enjoyable to watch and follow Amber then the Kardashians !? ❤❤❤ Amber

  11. The reason that guy didn’t do cheers with you while you’re drinking saudi tea because in islam it’s a sin to cheer so that guy was extremely confused
    I’ve been a fan for you for years and i knew you for diy’s and mood boards but you are my idol ..

  12. I loved all that you showed, I really like these types of your travel vlog videos cause it motivates me to work harder to get to travel to such beautiful places and especially eat that delicious food!!

  13. Best dubai vlog ever made…love love love it. Thank you

  14. I wasn't prepared to start tearing up by the end of this video.. Amber, I found you on a whim when scrolling through youtube and I am very grateful that I did! You have made me feel more confident in who I am, and have helped me break out of my clothing norms and into more fun fashion. I am so proud of you for what you have done with your channel in promoting such positivity and acceptance (while also looking drop dead gorgeous in anything you wear), I wish you many more safe travels and looking forward to what your future brings (and Sir George's too). xo, Rhiannon <3

  15. I am on Dubai right now and I have been 12 times I have also stayed at the burj alarab and the Atlantis ❤️

  16. The narration was IMMACULATE WOW! Felt like I was watching a Disney movie beginning

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